DV or FT?

DV or FT?

9 men showed up for what they thought was Death Valley, but actually a classic Fast Twitch in disguise

The Thang:

Jog around lot to front for brief COP:

  • 5 Burpees OYO
  • 15 IW IC
  • 15 SSH (xtra extension)
  • 10 merkins

Warmup run to Rising Meadow for sevens:  Burpees at top, Merkins at bottom.

Mosey to Rounding Run loop, partner up.

Partner one goes CW, partner two goes CCW, 20 hand-slap merkins when you meet.  Reverse and return. 20 hand-slap merkins back at start

Again, but partner one goes CCW, Partner two goes CW, 10 hand-slap merkins when you meet.  Reverse and return. 10 hand-slap merkins back at start

Mosey back to WoodFox; indian run back to school

Mileage: 4.0


Moleskine and Announcements:

  • Gotta appreciate the cool weather this morning – preview of Fall?   Finally a break from the heat
  • Full disclosure: In classic bait and switch format, YHC revived a shortened version of an old Fast Twitch workout when it was previously stationed at this AO;  Threw in enough burpees and merkins to call it a bootcamp, but with a more than respectable 4.0 total mileage.
  • To be fair, the pre-tweet was pretty clear on the format, but apparently many pax did not see the tweet.  Is anyone on Twitter anymore?
  • Tried to keep it moderate on the pace so at least one would stay up front with me – thanks Smokey!
  • Unfortunately it didn’t seem like all the pax were so pleased with the format – sorry Fireman Ed.  Feel free to pile up the weights on me next time you Q.
  • Great to see 49er back out again – Kotters my friend
  • Thanks for the takeout from Smokey!
  • Annoucements:
    • Speed for Need looking for support on upcoming races; contact Gypsy
    • This weekend’s SFN race has Bout Time’s son and daughter as Track Commanders – need pax to help push  Romare Bearden Park 0930 Sat



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