This May Be A Bad Idea

This May Be A Bad Idea

14 men gathered this morning to get a little better.

The Thang

After a brief disclaimer, we headed to the fake grassy knoll for COP. COP consisted of 15 x Imperial Walkers, 15 x Plank Jacks, 15 x Low Slow Squats, 15 x Mountain Climbers, and 15 x Merkins. All in cadence. Next we would mosey off campus, across 51, and made our way to the bottom of LC in Five Knolls where YHC’s car was waiting with goodies. Pop the trunk and bring out 4 fire hoses. We broke into teams on each fire hose. We would do 7s as a team dragging the hose up and down the hill with Jump Squats at the top and Merkins at the bottom. In case anyone not there is reading this, it sucked. Bad. When done, we rolled up the hoses and put them back in the car. We did a little Mary before heading back. Mosey over to the rock pile near the baseball field. Grab a lifting rock and bring it to the light post in the middle of one of the parking lots. YHC had 5 cones set up for a starfish. We only had time for one full starfish. We did Lunges at the ends and Louganis with the rock in the center. When that was finished we did 20 Flutter Presses in cadence, and then returned the rocks. Mosey back to the launch. There was 1 minute remaining so we held plank. Done.

Naked Moleskin

Great work today men. Thanks for playing along with YHC’s seemingly crazy idea. The Rock Zero checkboxes were checked. Most had at least 4 miles today. There was teamwork and a few heavy things were involved. So there you go. Thanks to Flipper for the take out and to Marlin for the ride back to the car.


BRR team upnover is looking for a runner. Contact Flipper is you are so inclined.

The beer run (not to be confused with the beer mile) is next weekend. See #beerrun Slack channel.

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GummyPosted on2:21 am - Aug 12, 2018

Rachel told me at Starbucks that he had 5 more things planned for us this morning but ran out of time. I’ve never seen a group so demoralized as us when we finally finished the fire hose 7s and had to get back to Calvary. Brutal. But, that’s the stuff that makes F3 fun and keeps us coming back.

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