Pokey Runs Free in the Great Outdoors and Finds Kryptonite

Pokey Runs Free in the Great Outdoors and Finds Kryptonite

7 PAX learned about flexibility and some found their kryptonite at the launch of F3 Pokey.


We began the workout with some dynamic stretching to warm up the leg muscles for better stretching. Line up at the curb and face the parking lot: (1) walking butt kicks, (2) walking knee ups with a twist, (3) over the gate, and (4) toy soldier.

Calf Stretch by placing heels on parking lot and toes on the curb so your feet are at an angle. Then move to the small trees in front of the entrance to the church and place your toes on the brick edging and let your heels down to the ground.

To the broga mat for a series of stretches designed to target the hamstring, quads, IT band, adductor, groin and lower back.

Finish with a: DEVOTIONAL:

One of the best ways to get rid of discouragement is to remember that Christ is coming again. The most thrilling, glorious truth in all the world is the Second Coming of Jesus Christ. When we look around and see pessimism on every side, we should remember the Bible is the only Book in the world that predicts the future. The Bible is more modern than tomorrow morning’s newspaper. The Bible accurately foretells the future, and it says that the consummation of all things shall be the coming again of Jesus Christ to this earth. If your life is dismal, depressed, and gloomy today, Christ can turn those dark clouds inside out. The sunlight of His love can still shine into the darkest part of your life.

Longing to see Your face, Christ Jesus, I rejoice in the anticipation of Your coming


This was the inaugural launch of F3 Pokey.  It is designed to help runners (#notarunner) and other PAX avoid injury by gaining flexibility.  The concept for this AO was started about 2 years ago by Swiss Miss and High Tide in Area 51. That AO, which is located in downtown Matthews, is aptly called Gumby.

I have been a regular attendee at Gumby and enjoyed pre-runs with Madison, Arena, Lois, and once with Stone Cold and Geraldo (I discovered that Geraldo could run faster with his ruck than I could without one).  I learned a lot of great flexibility exercises from all the men who led Gumby.

But it was time to import Gumby to SOBLand.  There were several SOBers making their way to downtown Matthews but others who wanted to attend but could not make it there and get back in time for their morning routine.  So it was providential when Bunker explained his new marathon training program that left Wednesday as an “off” day and others were recognizing the benefits of stretching after Blakovery.

We have kept a similar format-no running, only stretching and flexibility exercises and end with a short devotional.

We added our own twist by going outdoors, incorporating dynamic stretching movements and music is optional.

Originally this AO was planned to run until October. We will gauge the interest and participation and evaluate then.

I appreciate all the encouragement and support from the PAX, our Nantan Thin Mint, and the leaders of Gumby.

It was great to see BeBo back at an F3 workout after battling injury.

And Superman aka Haggis struggled greatly with some of the moves and his lack of flexibility threw his form off. Think Chelms.

Thank you Chopper for taking us out and thank you for allowing me to lead.

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Swiss MissPosted on7:45 pm - Jul 11, 2018

Great start, PJ!
Glad to know that you liked the concept enough to grow it in SOBLand.
Love the workout name – nice salute to the king of flexibility.
Hope you can keep it going and growing.

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