Convergence just because

Convergence just because

Today’s edition of the Arsenal was a planned convergence with the PAX from Rebel Yell.  13 total explored the AO at Indian Land Elementary this morning with 4 pre-runners.  YHC planned to show the Rebel Yell PAX what the AO had to offer.  Here is the result.

The Thang

Warm-up included a mosey around the front parking lot and heading over to the side of  the school.  The warm-up included SSH, Imperial Walker, Mountain Climbers, Windmill, and Moroccan Night Club (an Indian Land favorite but demo was given for the Rebel Yell fellas).  Mosey to the playground.

Exercises at the playground:  10 pull-ups, 15 dips, 20 merkins with a lap around the playground in between each exercise.

Mosey to the field.  Then, complete 2 rounds of hill work:  15 merkins at the bottom, run to top, 15 diamond merkins at the top, run to bottom, repeat.  On the field, we grabbed 6 tires and divided into pairs (YHC joined a group for 1 group of 3).  First PAX does 5 tire flips out and 5 back while 2nd PAX did burpees until the 1st completed the first round.  Each PAX completes 2 rounds.  After 2 rounds, repeat with 2nd PAX starting with Carolina Dry Docks.  Each PAX completes 2 rounds.  Return tires to rack and mosey up the hill to front parking lot.

Zig-zag Wall work:  Up and over each section of wall starting at the entrance of the school.  At the end, start with 5 merkins and then bear crawl to next outer point of the wall.  Repeat all the way back to start.  Complete a 2nd round of wall “up and overs”.  Return to start doing 15 squats at each outer point of the wall and lunge walk in between.  Finish with a lap around the parking lot and return to start for COT.


Thanks to all the Rebel Yell PAX for joining us at the Arsenal for a random convergence.  We are just trying to get together to encourage the PAX to venture out a little bit.  Everybody to great.  Cobbler made it through the whole workout without a visit to the restroom however there was some risk taken on the account of questionable gas.  I think Fire Hazard may have gotten a little “hot” while YHC did a demo of proper form for dry docks. Near the end after I announced we had 2 minutes, Ringer corrected me that we only had 1 min. 15 sec. to which my response was “My watch doesn’t have seconds”.  We have ending things 20 seconds late, but we survived.  YHC needed a lot of help counting today.  It is true simple math for engineers seems more difficult at times than more complex math (like angles!).


Speed for Need race (The American 4-miler July 4th), July 11th début of Pokey (new stretching workout, Elevation Church Blakeney 5:45), Isabella Santos coming up in September (Speed for Need race), continued prayers for Mic Check and family (he is recovering well),

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