A Beatdown from the 80s

A Beatdown from the 80s

We had ten strong men that were ready to go then High Tide rolls up on two wheels, unloaded his family of bells, said his hello’s, then we were off ready to jam with some pandora 1980’s Rock.

the Thang:


SSH x 15

IW x 15

Low slow Squat x 10

Merkins x 10

Mountain Climber x 15

Circuit time (5 rounds)

Clean n Press x 8 each side

Snatch x 8 each side

Shoulder Press x 8 each side

Swings x 20

*modified to 5 each side after round 2

Partner Up for Pt1 Farmer’s carry 50yds (timer) while Pt 2 does Goblet squats; then Pt 1 KB lunges 25yds while Pt 2 does Good mornings

Back to circuit style

  1. Single-leg Dead lift x 5 each side
  2. Double or Single or nothing Windmills x 5 each side
  3. Rinse and Repeat
  4. Snatch to Overhead Doubles Squat x 5
  5. Dragon Flags- doubles press or hold while doing 5 slow leg lifts
  6. Rinse and Repeat

A Smokey Favorite to end:  Merkins to Thunderstuck


Ye Ole Moley:

Not too much to say other than (as usual when YHC is Q), YHC smoked himself

Welcome Site FNG- Minor League- great to have you out to try a gear workout; come on back out!  And Baracus was advertising Skunk to him as well.

Geraldo was there without a Lucy or a Ruck, odd for him but he was doing just fine with the ole KB

Purell and Whip really like the Dragon Flags- might see that one from them when they Q- of course with the press

High Tide has allot of bells- perhaps he’ll send one off to college with Low Tide in the fall- and big congrats to Low for graduation this week.

Voodoo (always with great form) was one of the very few to do the double windmill (strong!!)

Enjoyed Qing Meathead as it’s been awhile.




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VoodooPosted on1:54 pm - Jun 18, 2018

Thanks for the Q, Stone Cold. You started out strong with the upper body circuit work and never really let up from there. Strong tunes as well. I’m sure Minor League, Orange Whip and the other younguns were exposed to some music they’d never heard before.

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