Dry Run

Dry Run

8 men set out to accomplish the goal set by YHC of keeping our feet dry during today’s workout. It is no secret that I thrive in dry terrain, and I respectfully disagree with the thought of toughness gained by going straight for mud and water during a workout.  That being said, I was hopeful that last night’s tweet would give a big clue as to the amount of asphalt we’d be exploring – and that we did!

Disclaimer was given at 5:31 after hearing the story of how a KB incident (merkins on vertical KBs)  has still left Harley with minimal feeling in the tips of fingers. Yikes! Quick COP in the SCMS parking lot before trekking down to Davie Park.  Once the PAX arrived to Davie Park and Header and I brought over 2 lifting rocks, instructions for the exercise were given:

Partner up. One partner group stays at the gated entrance by the long road to the back parking lot. (Thanks to Header and Harley for modifying this location in order to get us all on the same side of the gate). This group would do the called exercises with the lifting rock – 10 bicep curls, 10 tricep extensions, 10 overhead presses. The remaining PAX would run the road together as a group and wait for the lifting group to join via sprinting. Once all PAX were together, each man did 20 merkins OYO before switching to a different lifting group. We continued that process until all partner groups had done 1 round of the lifting exercises.

Mosey back to Strawberry Lane and finish with a set of AYG sprints for 10, 20, and 30 seconds.

Moleskin: I feel that I succeeded in my goal. I take no responsibility for anyone that might’ve ventured off the pavement or asphalt and caused water damage to their shoes.

This was a great group of men – really pushing each other on the self-serving sprints at the end.  Funky Cold was quickly onto my plans to incorporate them, as he’s aware of my current training to run a fast mile😊. Hey, I needed those so, therefore, WE needed them!

QOTD from a heard exchange:

Puddin Pop: “It feels like Thailand out here.”

Header: “Have you been to Thailand?”

Funky Cold: “I’ve spent lots of time in South Africa.”

Header: “Is South Africa close to Thailand?”

Puddin Pop: “Closer than Charlotte.”

Great to lead you men this morning. Thank you to Smokey and Dollywood (we missed you) for the opportunity to lead!

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