Circle, Cones and a Hat

Circle, Cones and a Hat

Fine weather, shovel flag planted and disclaimer proclaimed!

Carrying an armful of cones, I led the pax from the parking lot to a larger parking lot. I dropped the cones along the length of the ‘lot.

Side straddle hops x 15
Low slow squats x 15
Imperial walkers x 15
‘Mercans x 5
Mountain climbers x 10
Wide arm ‘Mericans x 5
Peter Parkers x 10
Parker Peters x 10
Diamond ‘Mericans x 5

Cone Drills
Line up abreast at first cone at every cone do 5 of the called exercises at each of the 7 cones, little baby job around the lot, wait for the six.
Jump Squats
Carolina Dry Docks
Speed Skater Lunges
Sky Humpers
Toe-tap Crunches

Bear crawl to the curb, 1 ‘Merican, little baby job back 10 Heels-to-heaven repeat via Jacob’s ladder format untitl
10 ‘Mericans and 1 Heel-to-Heaven

Back to the cones – 5 burpees at every cone!

Back to base 6MOM
10 flutter
10 LBC
10 American hammer
10 low flutter, err low Dolly
10 Freddy Mercury

This was a meat and potatoes bootcamp. Just at 2 miles and a full body beatdown, extra heavy on the chest today.

Fun facts:
In one day your heart beats 100,000 times.
Toolbag got a new hat
There are about 100 billion birds in the world, and about 6 billion of them make their homes in the United States.
Cheddar is shaky on the exercise names
A slug has four noses.
I have never posted to The Big House, only Q’d.


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