Prayer Update for Bout Time’s son Jennings

  • When:05/03/2018
  • QIC: Men of F3

Prayer Update for Bout Time’s son Jennings

Men, it is National Day of Prayer day.  Thanks for all of the prayers thus far for Jennings, 3 year old son of our brother, Bout Time.  Please continue to pray for Jennings and the Palmer family.  Specifically, prayers are needed around the following:

Jennings has an ANC of 100 as of this morning (5/1/18). This is a sign of engraftment! While it will be a process and take some time, this is a very good sign. It also comes with increased pain and other things. He needs to have an ANC of 500 for 3 consecutive days to be considered engrafted. Some things to pray for this week:

*that we can continue to keep Jennings as comfortable as possible until the cells come in and start to heal what chemo hurt

*that engraftment would continue and come without complication

*that the GVL (graft versus leukemia) effect would be strong and keep all Leukemia cells away now and forever

*for Jennings’ strength, energy, joy and appetite to return quickly after engraftment

*will you also pray that he will eat well after engraftment and that we won’t have a lot of issues motivating him to do so? Before transplant and NG tube- eating was never his favorite activity. But it’s an essential part of his body recovering and continuing to grow. We need him to be motivated to eat food. He hasn’t had to since he has had the NG tube and we want that out as soon as we can take it out.

You can follow Jennings progress on Facebook at ALL IN for Jennings.  The family is so thankful for all of the support.

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