Do they even have Library’s in South Carolina?

Do they even have Library’s in South Carolina?

14 Men posted this warm February morning for Kevlar.  While the campus there is big, for some reason this workout never ventures far from the launch.  Time to go exploring today.

Disclaimer stating that I am not a professional and that this workout has been adapted from the Olympic Curler’s Fitness manual.  Off we go towards downtown Matthews.

Avoid the ladies heading out of the Burn Bootcamp class in their cars at 5:35 AM and circle up at the Presbyterian Church Parking Lot for COP:  SSH, Lunges, Merkins, Mountain Climbers, Shoulder Taps, & Plank Jacks.

Mosey down to the railing by the Animal Hospital and grab some rail.

15 Supine pull-ups, 15 Derkins, 15 Supines, 15 Hip Slappers each leg, 15 Supines, 15 Derkins.

Dodge downtown Matthews traffic and head over to the Library.  At Courtyard grab some wall.

15 “Little Haze” Step Ups each leg, 15 dips.  3 rounds.

Partner up.  P1 Runs around Courtyard, P2 runs around Library, Meet up for 10 hand-slap merkins.  Flap jack routes.  Repeat for 4 total rounds (2 each direction).

Back to courtyard wall.

15 Split Leg Squats, each leg, 15 Derkins.  3 rounds.

Head back home with a stop off at the Animal Hospital for some more Supine’s and some Flutters.

Back to the launch point, on the way I tossed out an offer for Balls to the Wall on the Ladies Bootcamp, but no takers. A few sprints down the fire lane to kill some time at the end and back to launch and circle up.  I think I ended 30 seconds early, feel free to knock out a half dozen burpees today to make up for it.

Some planks and Mary along the route while we waiting for the 6.



A solid group of men this morning, some original Kevlar guys, some new Kevlar guys, some Kotter’s, a nearly 40 year age range, we had it all and everyone put in the work.  A little grumbling about the running but we only ended up a little over 2.5 miles, expanded the AO, dodged traffic, learned from Busch that there is no library at Clemson and he’s not sure there is even one in the state of SC.  High Tide confirmed there is also none in Alabama either.  They only read 2 things in Alabama: Nick Saban’s Playbook and the Bible.  I didn’t ask him to prioritize which one was first.

All the guys were hustling this morning so though to call out anyone.  It’s safe to say the sprints were led in age order – youngest to oldest.

Thanks to Busch for the takeout.


Announcements:  Brolympics next weekend and Run Jen Run the first Saturday in March.


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OrangeWhipPosted on3:51 pm - Feb 16, 2018

Nice Q Alf. We decided not to mention, as you started the workout, that we actually did the same route last week! Regardless, yours was completely different and we didn’t spend nearly the amount of time you did at the Animal Hospital. I was wondering if you were waiting for your dog (Alfy would likley be his name) to come out of surgery or something. For the record, I was totally up for wombatting the women’s Burn Bootcamp although I’d fear the retaliation F3 would receive on social media #metoo. Sad to say we probably won’t see you much at Kevlar due to your new responsibilities at Cereberereuerus. I guess I’ll have to keep putting you on the Q schedule to get you out. Thanks again brah.

High TidePosted on7:52 pm - Feb 16, 2018

Nice Q, Alf. It was my first bootcamp in a while, and I appreciated the welcome back. I knew it’d be moderate, so I warmed up with a pre-KB of snatches and getups. The running really wasn’t that bad, so I stayed in the middle of the pack to offer encouragement, just like I mumblegrumbled about running to you for your encouragement. The AYG sprints at the end were a great idea, although I went with SOWYG (some of what you got), again, to encourage others, especially the youngsters. All in all, a good day, and I think you’re getting the hang of it.

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