Bump n’ Grinder

Bump n’ Grinder

Three of us were talking in parking lot, about random things…Curd discussing reasons 223 & 224 as to why he’s missed the last eight months of F3, Header still basking in Eagle glory, YHC letting everyone know that my watch was two minutes and 22 seconds fast, and Smokey indulging us as the good Site Q that he is.

Sweeny Todd came rambling in at 5:30 on the nose, very lame disclaimer given, and we were off.

Down to the track for a warmer up lap, and COP back at start line.  Oh, and our friendly neighborhood PAX of tardiness, Floor Slapper joined the party.


Squat -> hold


HR Merkins

With Floor Slapper showing up, the Grinders were in fact ON.

Fall onto the surprisingly (fairly) dry end of the pitch, explain to PAX that Partner 1 would be at far end, partner 2 at near end (side) of field, partner 3 running in middle as timer; exercises as follows:

Round 1:  P1 – jump squats / P2 CDDs

Round 2: P1 LBC / P2 Wide arms

Round 3: P1 H2H / P2 Military merkins

Gather PAX back on the track, mosey to top of sidewalk by the neighborhood crappers.  Stay in Grinder groups.  P1 grab a lifting rock from pile.  Same concept, P1 at top by crappers, P2 down at bleachers, P3 running in middle; exercises as follows:

Round 1: P1 – curls / P2 – step ups

Round 2: P1 – overhead press / P2 – incline on bench

Round 3: P1 – tricep extension / P2 – supines on rail…scratch that with the puddle of mud from broken water main or something…go back to incline on bleacher

Round 4: P1 – goblet squat / P2 – Dollys

Sweeney and I were down at bottom about to do some dollys and started feeling the monsoon that was supposed to hit…run for it!  Everyone gathered under roof at crappers for wall sits.  Then mixed in some air presses, then did a burpee rotation.  Each PAX does five burpees while everyone else stays on wall.  Rotate around.  By the time we go through this, the rain halted (mostly).

Head out to basketball goals, Gasser time.  Sprint to last goal, repeato x 6.

Back to bathrooms, for Stomachs.

Rosalita, Flutter, Freddy Mercury, Protractor, WW2 sit ups



Again, thanks to Slapper showing up, we had two groups of three for Grinders.  Had contingencies of course, but this was first plan.

YHC still coming of a little Achilles strain, so running would be short stints. #shocker #SCMSmascot

Good fellowshipping out there today with a small group of really good dudes.  Smokey and I were on same rota on the pitch, and I was commending him on his lack of injury.  I stay injured these days #thanks40, and learned that Dollywood is battling a back at the mo.  Get well, get well soon, we want you to get well. #elainebenes

Sweeney is building a house somewhere off of Lawyers Rd, told him to hook up with Horsehead’s posse out there, or else.  I just envision HH and his band of Cowboys out there in Mint Heeeeeeeeyul rocking red scarves and pillaging the local savings and loan.

Header and Curd barely broke a sweat, seemingly.  I would expect nothing less from these machines.

Header, thanks for the take out this morning.  Reminder that God’s grace is seen in so many instances in our lives, and in the most difficult of circumstances.

Continued prayers for you (Header) and all of the Rebsamen family.



Curd looking for two spots to fill on his Smoky Mtn. Relay team, see him for details.


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