The Tale of Two Weinke’s

The Tale of Two Weinke’s

Anvil is a great AO and group of guys.  It’s also on Wednesday which is my usual off day.  Hard to get the body out of routine sometimes to do it.  After sign up geniusing my way to a Q in 2 week, Chelms pings me looking for a trade for this week.  Done.

Forecast last night had rain starting right around launch time so needed to be prepared with a wet weinke and a dry weinke.  (I’ll let you come up with your own 8th grade sense of humor joke on that)

5:30 launch and it was dry.  Brief disclaimer to a light crowd of 9 men who gambled on the weather and won (sort of).

Mosey off to front parking lot with about 75 yards of backwards run thrown in.

Head over to Life Center entrance for COP:

Low Slow Squats, Imperial Walkers, Merkins, elbowing planks and plank jacks.  Warm.

The Thang:

Head over to rock pile.  Pick a lifting rock you are willing to carry, a little way.

Head around front of church and back to picnic tables by cars.

Round 1:  20 overhead press, 20 curls, 20 step ups with rock.  Repeat 3x

Run to end of cars, 10 burpees, run back.


Round 2:  20 Flutter Press, 20 lying down lat pulls, 20 Romanian Dead Lifts.  Repeat 3x

Run to end of cars, 10 burpees, run back.


Bring rocks to street and leave them.  Head to base of North Face.  10x jump squats, up North Face 10x Sister Mary Catherine (each side), back to benches for 10x split squat each leg and 10 jerkins.  Hairburner rock 15 yards and back, lunch walk with rock 15 yards and back.  Repeat circuit 2x on your own.

Staggered Arm Merkins while the 6 comes in.

Carry rocks back, some wall sits on the return home, then AYG from Life Center to launch point with last 60 seconds.



So other than a few minutes in the last 3rd of the workout, the rain held off.  But it came in time to pull back from an extra round of North Face.  I heard no complaints.

I have never tried use rocks as hairburners so I figured why not today.  All the guys lined up with me to start.  Next thing I know they are all standing around looking at me and looking at the 15 yard scratch I left in the pavement.  Glad you guys are with me!  Not wanting to cause any significant marking of the AO parking lot, we audibled to the lunges.  If the rain doesn’t wash things away we have a solid start/finish line for the next few weeks.

Purell and Rachel continued the race out front that they started on Monday at The Matrix.  Hard to slow those guys down.  Mermaid, Lorax, and Brilleaux were close behind as well.  Hammer and Uncle Phil kept a strong steady pace, and The Wall kept it close.  A very strong effort considering he was coming back from extended absence.  Very glad to have you medically cleared and ready to post again brother.  Next time drag Haze out with you.

Appreciate the takeout from Mermaid.


  • Madison is organizing a CPR certification class for Saturday 2/17.  If you are in town, its strong encouraged you attend for your first time or a refresher!
  • Run Jen Run is coming up and is a local Speed for Need race.  Sign up!
  • Brolympics sign ups are under way.  Time to step up and test your strength, endurance, and speed against the rest of the PAX


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