Eff You Rachel

Eff You Rachel

12 men for today’s version of Rock Zero. It was a beautiful morning and what better way to start a Saturday.

The Thang

After a concise disclaimer, short mosey over to the end of the parking lot near the baseball field rock pile. Circle up for COP. SSH x 20, Merkins x 10, Mountain Climbers x 10, Peter Parker x 10, Parker Peter x 10, Low Slow Squats x 10. All done IC. Head over to the rock pile. Find a multipurpose rock and return to the COP area. Curls x 10, Shoulder Press x 10, Tricep extension x 10, Thrusters x 10 all OYO. Leave the rock there and run down to the large rock near entrance 4. This spot would become the start/end point for a suicide of sorts. The suicide went like this. Run to your rock. Do 10 Thrusters. Return to the start and do 5 Burpees. The second stop was the playground for 10 Pull-ups, but on the way there stop at stop 1 for Thrusters on the way out and way back. 5 Burpees at the start. Stop 3 was the hot box for 10 Jump Ups. Stop at stops 1 and 2 on the way out and back. 5 Burpees at the start. The final stop was the end of the road near 51 for 5 Eight Count Bodybuilders. Stop at stops 1, 2, and 3 on the way out and back. 5 Burpees at the start. Mary while waiting for the six. Make our way back to our rocks. Carry them toward the church and line up facing back from where we came. There are 6 trees on the left. Carry your rock to the first tree. Do 5 Rockies. Leave the rock there, run back toward the church and tag the curb. Run back to your rock. Carry it to the next tree. 5 Rockies. Run to the curb and back. Repeat sequence until you get your rock to the last tree. Return the rocks to the rock pile. Head back toward launch. There were still a few minutes remaining so stop at the parking lot entrance to North Face. 10 Merkins there in the parking lot. 10 Merkins at the bottom of North Face. 10 Merkins at the top of North Face. Run back to the start going back down North Face and up. Repeat one more time. Short stroll back to the cars. Still 30 seconds left so Burpees until time is up.

Naked Moleskin

Nice work today men. Way to keep pushing. Good to see some new faces today in Coal Ash and Mr. Clean. It was Mr. Clean’s second ever post. Hope you keep coming out. The title is courtesy of Flipper. YHC will take it as a compliment. Even though not all the Rock Zero rules were followed. Thanks to Iron Horse for the take out.

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