It Wasn’t a Curb This Time

It Wasn’t a Curb This Time

2 PAX decided to stay close to home for Blakovery instead of breaking ranks to wander around a parking deck in the Metro region.  With 5 miles and the PJ route on the agenda, off we went. We were at a comfortable pace about half way in when a sidewalk took out Kirby.  After a quick medical assessment (I’m not a professional), it was clear that running the rest of the way was not possible. With the temperature hovering around 20 degrees, it was a quick walk and occasional mosey back to the starting point.  In spite of the set back, we arrived at the AO for a 6:15 finish.


For those who may not know, Kirby received his name about 2 years ago after posting at a Madame Taussauds led Maul where a randomly placed curb became his arch nemesis.  But that did not stop Kirby from finishing the workout.  With Tiger Rag and Haggis in attendance at the name-a-rama, it came down to Curbie or Jack the Tripper. By the time it reached Wingman the current spelling of “Kirby” was born. And the rest is SOB history.

Make sure you check in on Kirby this week, but I think he is posting tomorrow. I guess that means no one else has an excuse…see you all tomorrow at Bagpipe.

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