Thinking about BRR 2018

Thinking about BRR 2018

On the first day of December, 14 Pax made the trek to South Charlotte Middle School for their weekly dose of Mountain Goat.

Warm up: 

Two laps around the school parking lot followed by dynamic stretching (toes, heels, butt kickers, and high knees).


Pax were instructed to head out of the parking lot, turn left on Strawberry, turn left on 51, turn right on Rea, run to Colony, then turn around and run back to the intersection of Rea and 51. Repeat the Rea-Colony-back to Rea portion and meet at Rea & 51 at 05:55. Return to SCMS for COT.


YHC saw a tweet earlier this week stating that registration for BRR 2018 opens Monday, December 4th. That started YHC thinking about hills, and initially YHC thought of making today’s Weinke a series of hill repeats. But it being the holiday season and YHC being a Pax of good cheer, that idea was shelved for another day. Instead, we ran about five miles at a sensible pace, covering ground both flat and hilly. Slim Fast made an early departure, hopefully arriving home before his 2.0s had a chance to break out the kegs and M/D 20/20. Lois will be submitting a letter to the City of Charlotte regarding their leaf clean-up maintenance schedule after twisting an ankle. Hopefully the ankle is not feeling too bad. Joker led the front of the packers in some boot camp exercises rarely seen at MG while waiting for the rest of us. Some may call this an attempted Q-jack, YHC calls it stepping up. #Leadership. We were grateful and humble recipients of at least two drive-by honks. Our form must have been especially strong this morning.


Area 51 Christmas party is Friday, December 8 at Seaboard in Matthews. If you haven’t signed up, do so ASAP and make life easier for those organizing this event. Area 51 Christmas Party 2017!

SOB Holiday party is Saturday, December 16 at Red Barn Events in Waxhaw. 2017 SOB Holiday Party Pre-blast

2018 Joe Davis Run for Recovery is Saturday, January 6 at Walter Elisha Park in Fort Mill. 2018 Joe Davis Run for Recovery

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