Laces Out Party featuring 2 miles with Mr. Jack Webb

Laces Out Party featuring 2 miles with Mr. Jack Webb

YHC woke up this morning wondering if the first fall cold spell would scare any of the pax away. However, 13 pax including 1 FNG made the smart decision to come on out towards Peak 51 today. After a proper disclaimer was given the pax moseyed on down towards the church parking lot via trade street. After a few laps around the church parking lot the pax circled up and the beat down began.


SSH -15 IC

IW-15 IC



Main Thang:

As I told the group to circle up down the line, Bullwinkle said we getting ready for suicide’s and YHC responded no I have something better planned.
Start of with 6 Jump Squats at the bottom of the church parking lot

Run all you got to other end of Church parking lot 1 Burpee

Run all you got back to bottom. Rinse and repeat until up to 1 Jump Squat and 6 Burpees.

If you finish early, plank it up at the front of the church with some various plank exercises. Geraldo said to YHC that isn’t it #BurpeeFreeOctober however not while YHC was the Q.

After two 10 counts the pax moseyed on down Mosey back to school parking lot for some station workout. While waiting for the six YHC called for two burpees towards everyone. YHC then explained the station workout, after calling for Jump Squats twice I heard mumble chatter for more burpee’s. If the pax ask for pain YHC is more than willing to welcome burpees.

Starfish repeat with a twist:
Middle 10 LBC each time

Station 1: 10 Jump Squats(nearest picnic tables)

Station 2: 10 Pull Ups

Station 3: 10 CDD

Station 4: 10 Burpee’s

Plank it up when done.

10 Count- 2 laps around the track All You got then plank it up in the bus parking lot when finished. Follow

Mosey to baseball field, it’s been quite awhile since Peak has experienced the visit of a well known friend. Mr. Jack Webb, 1 slow american following 4 air presses, going all the way up to 5 slow americans and 20 air presses. After Jack Webb plan was to mosey on back to launch to help give the pax there money’s worth. While waiting for the six, YHC led the pax in 50 Peak 51 air presses.

A crowd favorite was then called balls to the walls 10 count against the church wall afterwards the group circled up. For a quick Mary.


15 Rosalita’s IC

15 LBCs

Time was called however, YHC was informed we still had 3 minutes left. At that time I had recorded 1.95 miles on my watch, pax was instructed to run a lap around the parking lot to reach 2 miles. After 1 lap and at 2.03 miles time was called. Excellent movement by the pax all around in a classic Peak 51 workout.


When YHC planned this workout I had the feeling we would get some miles running however, the pax killed it out there today. Most times I’ve led we’ve gotten around the 1.5 miles to 1.75 at Peak never close to 2 miles. So when YHC saw we were so close and had time I decided we had to push for that hard earned second mile.

Welcome FNG Laces Out, Smokey Eh’d him to come on it and LacesUp was killing it out in the workout today. You’ve got a great mentor in Smokey I except to see a lot out of you and one day being the Q for a Peak workout.

T-claps to Sensei, Slim Fast and Nomad for joining me on the traditional Peak 51 Pre Run. Wasn’t quite YHC’s PR breaking 5K speed but was filled with lots of excellent 2nd F opportunities. Y’all should join us sometime it truly is a great way to start your Thursday morning.

Bullwinkle was killing it out there, Bullwinkle was at my VQ back in May and has been at all 3 of my Peak 51 Q’s. He continues to get better each and every time, keep up the excellent work Bullwinkle.

We didn’t really have a real six today, everyone kept pushing each other along the way, truly helped make this my 3rd Q at Peak my most successful one to date.

Peak 51 has been apart of my life here in Charlotte for just over a year now, first workout I posted at. Not only is it an excellent place for all pax to enter into Area 51 and F3. Thank you Lois and Sensei for asking me to lead, it is always an honor to lead at Peak 51.


Let Them Soar 5K over at Christ Covenant Church (home of Skunk Works and Kevlar) on Nov. 4. It will be a Speed for Need event. Check out Tackling Dummy’s pre-blast for more.

Joe Davis Run registration is now open — Benny has signed up for the 10k and recommends lots of the Peak 51 and Area 51 folks sign up. You will run it whether by choice or if Benny or Slim Fast gets you to run it.

See Bullwinkle for Q openings on December 13th and 20th, contact Bullwinkle if interested in being Q at Conviction.

SOB Christmas Party 8th, not sure if Area 51 is invited more details to come #Area51CrashTheParty

Charlotte Half Marathon on November 11th not too late to sign up

T-Claps to Smokey for the excellent take out!





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The Area 51 Winter Gear order is open! Long sleeve and fleece gear with the A51 logo – order by Nov 10, early Dec delivery. Perfect for an early Christmas gift from the M!

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