On Second Thought…

  • When:12/10/15
  • QIC: High Tide
  • The PAX: Mint Julep, Busch, Rock Thrill, Arena, Sanka, Baracus, Destiny (Respect), Chum, Witch Doctor, Turkey Leg, Voodoo, Chanel, High Tide (Q)

On Second Thought…

YHC had this elaborate #weinke all planned out for Meathead, with lots of good KB movements offering solid variety and hitting all the right places.  Yet, on #F3Meathead Eve, sitting there in the stands, watching my 2.0 swim, the idea of a complex workout just didn’t sit right.  In an instant, the carefully considered plan was tossed like cookies should be after a good workout (#merlot), and a new, simpler plan was concocted.  13 meatheads may have left wishing for the original plan.

The Thang


  • 2-hand swings – 10 IC  (yes, you can do swings in cadence, Timmy) (That’s 20 total, for the uninitiated.  But, we are initiated, aren’t we?)
  • IW – 10 IC (#staple)
  • Prying squats – 3 varieties (#stapler)

Cue the tunes; set the timer.  Time for:

The Only Event:

  • 100 1-hand swings.  (#staplest)  5 minute timer. Sets of 10 R-hand swings at the top of the minute, 10 L-hand swings at the bottom of the minute, rest the balance (~10 seconds between hands).
  • “Recovery”
    • 1-hand press.  10 R + 10 L
    • Waiter carry.  Racked R-hand overhead to the 3rd median (by the nervous lady sitting in her car)(~40 yards), switch hands (snatch, swing change, snatch is efficient), L-hand overhead back to our COP.
    • Goblet squat.  10 OYO.  Go Deep.  (#thatswhatshesaid)
    • Lawnmower.  10 R + 10 L
  • Rinse & Repeato – Swings & Recovery set – 3 more times

Begrudging Mary:

  • Russian Twist – 10 IC
  • Louganis – 7 OYO
  • Flutter Press – 10 IC
  • Pullovers – 7 OYO

Yeah, we’re Done.



  1. Joe Davis Memorial Run – Jan 9 – 1 mile fun run, 5k, & 10k options.  Good fun, good fellowship, better cause – supporting addiction recovery, here in our community.  Preblast, with signup link, here.  Team F3.  Aye.
  2. Food Drive for Calvary Food Pantry – bring to Area 51 Christmas Party Saturday night.

Naked Moleskine:

YHC had designs on getting in 500 1-hand swings today and was disappointed to find himself short on time to start the 5th set of 100; hence, the “begrudging” Mary.  It seems the “recovery” sets took more time than anticipated.  That’s on me, and I’ll work on that for next time.  #foreshadowing

As it were, we got in 400 1-hand swings + 20 2-hand swings.  Plus, 80 presses & lawnmower rows (40/side), 40 goblet squats, and 4 nice long walks to check on the schoolmarm.  Not bad for a day’s work.

YHC noticed and remarked early on that making meatheads count, to 10, has a considerable dampening effect on the mumblechatter.  Fortunately, Busch was among the pax and was able to break through with some 2nd F chatter with Mint Julep (glad to have you down from KY).

Rock Thrill noticed early on (#keenobserver) that it seemed we were focusing on fundamentals today.  Aye.  Meat & Taters today – hold the Taters.  #posteriorchain

Thanks to Turkey Leg & Witch Doctor for reminding YHC about the goblets & lawnmowers during the 2nd (or 3rd?) recovery set.  YHC was focused on the swings, as you saw.

Shout out anything else YHC missed, as he focused on his swing counts…

Thanks for the opportunity to lead and the fellowship.


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VoodooPosted on10:29 am - Dec 10, 2015

Another great Q this week, High Tide. I’m not sure which one I enjoyed less between Foxhole and Meathead. My forearms are smoked today, so I’m going to have to write with my toes.

ChanelPosted on2:02 pm - Dec 10, 2015

Good job out there today HT. That was a smoker!

Things got a little weird out there though when Voodoo started telling people about his manscaping techniques.

Hair BandPosted on11:21 am - Dec 11, 2015

Do those long walks of yours officially remove the 0.0 tag?

By the way has that guy with the bandage wrapped head trimming the bushes ever come back from the TR Q’ed beatdown a few months ago? For the PAX that were there, you would know who I am talking about.

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