Devil in Disguise

  • When:12/1/2015
  • QIC: Purple Haze
  • The PAX: Hairball, Prohibition, Swayze, Soul Glow, Turkey Leg, Gerber, Back Office, Gummy, Van Pelt (R), Cane, Lex Luthor, Mermaid, Purple Haze

Devil in Disguise

The shovel flag was planted in the soft earth of South Charlotte Middle School. The men of #FastTwitch gathered in the parking lot, awaiting the Best Worst Hour in Area51, and barely avoiding certain death at the hands of Prohibtion’s out of control Expedition.

The Thang

13 of us took off into the dark morning, heading out Strawberry to 51. Hanging a right onto 51, we ran towards Raintree Lane. Lex Luthor was to my left, dressed like it was 27* instead of 47*, looking like Rocky from one of his epic Rocky IV runs in the Russian mountains, hoodie pulled up and all.

After hanging a right onto Raintree Lane, then a left onto Willow Point Drive, we settled into the Raintree soccer field parking lot for COP, that was really all C, very little P.

  • IWs x 15 IC
  • Mountain Climbers x 15 IC

Mosey onto Willow Point for an explanation of the Beast. Everyone claimed to know how to do the Beast…but round 1 was a disaster. Perhaps a Q fail…but most likely a lack of attention to detail from the Pax. Still, we did the six rounds, with 3 stops coming and going at each side street sign along the quarter mile long Willow Point Drive, which runs behind the Arbo, among the slums of South Charlotte, per @GummyF3. I guess everyone is beneath you when your team is #1.

  • Round 1 – Merkins
  • Round 2 – Squats
  • Round 3 – LBCs
  • Round 4 – CDDs
  • Round 5 – Makhtar N’Diayes
  • Round 6 – Burpees

From Willow Point, we turned left on Raintree Lane, then right on Rounding Run, headed for base. But first a stop at Rising Meadow for some 3 man team hill sprint grinders. This was fun.

From there, we broke tradition…no Indian Run back…just a go at your own pace until we arrived back at the school for COT.


Prohibition almost killed 3 pax with his wreckless driving in the parking lot. Why do guys with big trucks/SUVs think they need to back into every pace? At least he spared us and wasn’t blaring Air Supply’s greatest hits this time.

A lot of complaints about showing up for a running workout and getting a bootcamp. Not so much a bootcamp…but more a track tempo workout in disguise. #NoTrackTuesday is trending so I had to think of another way to get the work in. All in all, we covered 5.25 miles at a pretty legit pace for most of it.

Soul Glow’s burpee form was awful…almost Chelms-like. But at least he attempted them, after refusniking everything else in the Beast, except the squats round, as he did squats every round.

It is scary at the dead end of the road, right there behind the Arbo Walmart.


  • Save @GeraldoF3 from a heart attack and sign up now for the Christmas Party. You know you’re going…so just sign up and pay already. It’s cheap, so there’s no need to wait for the Christmas bonus.
  • See Mermaid’s pre-blast on food collection for the Calvary Church food bank.
  • Lex Luthor is the Toy Q for #FastTwitch’s collection of new toys for Alexander Youth Network. Buy new toys (based on his list) and get them to him. He says you can bring him cash too…but I wouldn’t trust that.

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StrawberryPosted on9:45 pm - Dec 1, 2015

I take offense to that backhanded comment about big truck/SUV backing into spaces Haze. Trust me – it’s mostly out of necessity because it’s harder to pull in than back in. And you never know when you need to take out the Q!

ProhibitionPosted on9:59 pm - Dec 1, 2015

Haze, I don’t make comments about your tiny tercel that you drive. I can’t help that I didn’t see you as I pulled in the parking lot. My headlights were shining over your head.

Good Q other than the fact you didn’t tell anyone to bring gloves for the running workout. My #CostanzaHands weren’t holding up well. Thanks for keeping #notracktuesday alive. Never forget.

MermaidPosted on8:07 am - Dec 2, 2015

That was a good one Haze. The 3 mile Beast was tough. Soul Glow posted Anvil today and was forced to do 60 more burpees. Did not police his form, but now wonder if there was improvement over yesterday prompted by your comments above. Where is Champagne when you need him? Another strong workout at Fast Twitch.

GummyPosted on8:59 am - Dec 2, 2015

Good leadership, except for the part where you blame your followers for not understanding your instructions for The Beast. I remember you saying, “I think…” “There should be…” “I may be wrong, but…”. But sure. Blame us.

I’m glad you asked Soul Glo about his “injury”. I thought surely he was recovering from something terrible based on his refuseniks. Nope. Just taking it easy. Of course I know this because I was behind him the whole time.

I’m going to start recruiting slow guys for FT. I didn’t like the view from the back. I thought Pro was patronizing me on the last leg of The Beast by hanging back for the six (me).

The only complaints I heard about gloves were from the DZ guys. Toughen up. It’s pavement, not broken glass.

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