Slack(er)blast – Or how Wingman hunted me down to do this

Slack(er)blast – Or how Wingman hunted me down to do this

DATE: 2023-01-18 AO: Sacs Q: hoover PAX: geraldo, Cheese Curd, MAD, sledge, wildturkey, Emoji, lex_luthor FNGs: None COUNT: 8 WARMUP: 1 mile ruck THE THANG: YETI Wod: 25 yards of broad jump burpees with ruck, 10 squats. 4 sets. 25 yards of lunges, 20 OH presses. 4 sets. 25 yards of bear crawl and 25 yards of crawl bear 2 sets 25 yards of ruck farmers carry, 20 ruck swings. 4 sets MARY: 1 mile ruck ANNOUNCEMENTS: stuff was said. COT: Hoover had the take out
Mole(not so)skinney: Yeah, Wingman legit DM’s me today and asks where’s the slackblast. Like a bookie about to send the muscle if I didn’t pay up. Sorry kids, it’s canned tuna and mac and cheese until daddy learns how to fill out a form on Slack. TBH I hadn’t even considered doing one, but feeling bullied by a tech guru I figured I could put more effort into this than I did the weinke. BTW, I put zero effort into the weinke. So non-zero is an improvement, right?
Sad when you think about it, something that takes very little effort can feel like such an insurmountable task. Maybe overcoming this is that mental toughness they talk about at GoRuck.
“Welcome to the GoRuck fam, you jut spent a mortgage payment on a backpack. It’ll turn you into the toughest, gnarliest version of yourself. Sign up for a GoRuck event and dump your expensive luggage in the mud and wear it for 12 – 14 hours. Get comfortable being uncomfortable. Mental toughness.
BTW, our latest rucker v5.2.1 has our thickest lumbar support pad, thicker shoulder straps, and is made from a proprietary blend of 6780D cordura fabric and 7,000 count egyptian cotton for the smoothest non-chafing ruck ever built. Because, you know, mental toughness.”
Patches were promised for the participants and patches will be delivered. Once USPS bring them to my home. Strong 2nd F too, with the 1 mile ruck buy-in and 1 mile ruck buy-out.
Big T-Claps to Wingman for putting Slackblast together. It’s really like the lamest excuse that one can’t get on their phone and fill out a form to record the workout. It’s more effort to submit a receipt in Concur than do one of these things.
That’s all, yeti out.

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