• When:09/28/22
  • QIC: Mic Check


We did some exercises.

Thine Ole Moleskine:

May 2013, 1 month after I first started F3 I Q’ed the Maul, shortly thereafter became the site Q with Mighty.  Today, I Q’ed again, perhaps for the last time, as I’m finally making the move north to Huntersville to cut down on the commute I’ve been making to work for the last 8 years.

You all know by now, F3 isn’t about the workout.  Sure we show up early, exercise, some harder than others, yes we have definitely gotten stronger.  I’m grateful for that, and grateful for the guys over the years who have pushed me and encouraged me to keep coming out.  But F3 to me is about the bonds I’ve formed.  The talks while we mosey where we talk about our spouses, partners, dates, kids, school, sports and Frehley.  It’s been about seeing guys transform from being timid and nervous on their first day, to confident leaders and yes, a little healthier physically after a few months.

Thanks to the leaders of F3, the guys who have grown South Charlotte, SOB, Waxhaw and Weddington.  I know there’s a lot more done that most guys aren’t aware of.  Thanks to all the site Qs, who do the work to make sure every workout has a Q for guys to follow.  I know it’s not easy.  Thanks to the older dudes who inspired me that I could stay healthy and strong as I age.  Thanks to the beasts who pushed me every workout.

You won’t see me during the week anymore, but I’ll pop in a few Saturday here and there.  And heck, I’m only moving to Huntersville, so I’ll see you all around elsewhere.  Thanks guys, this group of friends means more to me than you know.

2 departing requests…

1. Keep showing up.

2. Keep good form.

-Mic Check

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1 year ago

Grateful for you Mic Check. God’s continued grace to you, brother.

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