If you ain’t first, you’re last!

If you ain’t first, you’re last!

I had the pleasure of leading the Pax at Shield this morning (Smithfield Elementary). This might be the first BB as it’s a newer site. I rolled in and found 4 men who already got in a prerun! Good thing my workout was low mileage. Quick disclaimer, but I forgot to state F3’s mission. DOH!


Warm up: mosey around track with butt kickers, high knees, and side shuffle. Circle up at bball court.


SSH, IW, Wind Mill, LSSQT, Neck Roll, Plank Jack, Peter Parker, Parker Peter, Merkin, Low Plank Hold


The Thang:


Mosey to intersection for 4 corners. Start with 5 burpees. Pick a road and run approx 100 yards. Each road had an exercise, 30 count (merkin, lunge, Carolina dry dock, squat). Run back to intersection and do 5 burpees.


Mosey to trailers for Spider Man (can explain later)


Mosey to playground. 3 sets of, 5 pull ups and 10 knee ups. (the metal bars are getting cold!)


Mosey around school. Line up. First person slaloms through yellow bar thingamajigers. Second person calls Mary for rest of pax to complete until the runner/timer gets back. Two rounds.


Mosey to straight a way. Plank. ALL YOU GOT (AYG) home! Carny and Spitball are really fast!




Great group this morning with the cooler weather. Quick chat before launch about Carny’s bad ass experience being a Marine (thank you for your service). He also mentioned that us old farts wouldn’t make it through boot camp. I was impressed they all got in a prerun, great job! Not sure if anyone noticed, but I forgot to do lunges on 4 corners. I am very fortunate to be apart of such a great group of men. Thank you all for the support and push.

Prayers for Anthony’s family. Prayers for Spit Balls family.




Impact Local 5/10K Dec 4. Anyone can do it!

F3 Holiday Party. Check slack. Show up. It’ll be a great time!

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