Around the World with Scuba

Around the World with Scuba

WARM UP/ The Thang- The goal was to name world country capitals and the continents they are in, if you got the correct capital and the continent, you did 10 reps of the exercise, if the group got one wrong, it was 15 reps, If they got both wrong it was 20 reps.

                               Country                 Capital     Continent Exercise
Afghanistan Kabul Asia Side Staddle Hops
Antigua and Barbuda Saint Johns North America Imperial Walkers
Argentina Buenos Aires South America Standing head to knee
Australia Canberra Oceania Calf Stretch
Bahamas Nassau North America Downward and Upward Dog
Belarus Minsk Europe Merkins
Belgium Brussels Europe Up back and over
Bosnia and Herzegovina Sarajevo Europe Merkins
Canada Ottawa North America Press, press Fling
Cayman Islands (UK) George Town North America Merkins
Chile Santiago South America Hi, Jack, Hi Jill
China Beijing Asia Mekins
Colombia Bogotá South America Arm Haulers
Cuba Havana North America Over head presses
Denmark Copenhagen Europe Half curl
Dominican Republic Santo Domingo North America Upper curls
Egypt Cairo Africa Tricep
El Salvador San Salvador North America Full curls
France Paris Europe LBC
Gibraltar (UK) Gibraltar Europe American Hammers
Greece Athens Europe Big boy’s
Haiti Port-au-prince North America Flutter kicks
Hong Kong (China) Hong Kong City Asia Good morning darlings
Iran Tehran Asia Heals to heavan
Iraq Baghdad Asia Speed skates
Ireland Dublin Europe Forward Lunges
Israel Jerusalem Asia Reverse Lunges
Italy Rome Europe Sguats
Japan Tokyo Asia Air presses
Kenya Nairobi Africa Air Punches
Lebanon Beirut Asia Neck rotations
Luxembourg Luxembourg Europe Merkins
Mexico Mexico City North America Airchairs
Netherlands Amsterdam Europe Mike Tysons


It’s summer time and are numbers are down. We had 5 plus two 2,0’s  tonight. I think we did better this week with country capitals then we did with State capitals last week. Try to keep it in the shade as it was very hot out.



F3 Dad camp at Camp Thunderbird in Aug.

Mayham took us out.

The only easy day was yesterday!
Ready to Lead, Ready to Follow, Never Quit!

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