A tour of 50 states at Cutty

A tour of 50 states at Cutty

I want to take a little trip somewhere – Appetizer State Capitals

Warm Up

  • We started the tour at COT and completed a full tour of the middle and high school.

The Thang

7 Pax / 2.0

Tour of the States:

The goal was to name all 50 state capitals, if you got the correct capital, you did a count of 10 of the exercise, if the group got the capital wrong, it was a count of 15.  Can the group make it through all 50 states, well we did it!

From the song:  Tour The Sates by Renald Francoeur.

I want to take a little trip somewhere, yeah
First, I’m gonna see Nashville, Tennessee
Then Madison, Wisconsin, is where I gotta be, yeah
Then I’ll take a plane
Well, actually, I’m afraid to fly, so I think I’ll take the train
Let’s go! (Go, go)

Going to Trenton, New Jersey, Frankfurt, Kentucky
Maybe take a trip to Jackson, Mississippi
Let’s see what they can show me in Jefferson City, Missouri
Santa Fe, New Mexico; Denver, Colorado
Boise, Idaho, I love it every time that I go

In 1492, he sailed the ocean blue
But next week I’ll see Columbus in Ohio
Grab a little sunshine in Tallahassee, Florida
Take a bite of a peach in Atlanta, Georgia
I’ve never been to Carson City, in Nevada, or Lincoln, Nebraska
You can catch me in Phoenix, Arizona, or Sacramento, California, yeah
St. Paul, Minnesota, maybe, Juneau, Alaska, yeah

I want to take a little trip somewhere, yeah
Boston, Massachusetts; Concord, New Hampshire
Going to Vermont for Montpelier
Montgomery, Alabama, then Washington D.C.
To see the nation’s capital

Aloha to Honolulu, Hawaii
Des Moines, Iowa, so peaceful to me
Going to Springfield, Illinois, to build a little house on a prairie
In Little Rock, Arkansas, I love what I saw
Going back to Dover, Delaware, ’cause I want more

Indianapolis, Indiana, and Hartford, Connecticut, need an encore
Smelling pine trees in Augusta, Maine
I like Topeka, Kansas, I’m glad that I came
But I’ve never been to Salt Lake City
In the Utah, or Richmond, Virginia
Gonna see Bismarck, North Dakota
And Charleston, West Virginia, yeah
Annapolis, Maryland, maybe Lansing, Michigan, yeah

Helena, Montana; Columbia, South Carolina
Got to go to Pierre, South Dakota, yeah, follow if you wanna
I’ll be eating a banana in Baton Rouge, Louisiana
Schedule that on my planner
Friends say I gotta come sooner to Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
So I guess I’m gonna
But first I’m going to Cheyenne, Wyoming
Then party in Raleigh, North Carolina, yeah

Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, can’t think of a rhyme for Pennsylvania
So I’m skipping to Salem, Oregon, then Austin, Texas
And then maybe Albany, New York, for breakfast
Providence, Rhode Island, was a blast
And, Olympia, Washington, was just the best-est


List of States and Capitals and the Exercise

State State Capital Exercise
Alabama Montgomery Side Straddle Hops
Alaska Juneau  Imperial Walkers
Arizona Phoenix Calf Stretches
Arkansas Little Rock Down Dog
California Sacramento Potato Pickers
Colorado Denver Night Clubs
Connecticut Hartford Merkins
Delaware Dover Air Presses
Florida Tallahassee Low to Half Biceps
Georgia Atlanta Half to Full Biceps
Hawaii Honolulu Full
Idaho Boise Triceps
Illinois Springfield Bench Presses
Indiana Indianapolis LBC
Iowa Des Moines Flutters
Kansas Topeka Big Boys
Kentucky Frankfort American Hammers
Louisiana Baton Rouge Burpes
Maine Augusta Monkey Humpers
Maryland Annapolis Squats
Massachusetts Boston Sumo Squats
Michigan Lansing Punches
Minnesota St. Paul Forward Lunges
Mississippi Jackson Backward Lunges
Missouri Jefferson City Heals to Heaven
Montana Helena Protector
Nebraska Lincoln High Knee Lifts
Nevada Carson City Merkins
New Hampshire Concord Speed Skaters
New Jersey Trenton Overhead Presses
New Mexico Santa Fe Dips
New York Albany Run Backwards
North Carolina Raleigh Bunny Hops
North Dakota Bismarck Al Gore
Ohio Columbus LBC
Oklahoma Oklahoma City Flutters
Oregon Salem Big Boys
Pennsylvania Harrisburg American Hammers
Rhode Island Providence Burpes
South Carolina Columbia Monkey Humpers
South Dakota Pierre Squats
Tennessee Nashville Sumo Squats
Texas Austin Punches
Utah Salt Lake City Forward Lunges
Vermont Montpelier Backward Lunges
Virginia Richmond Heals to Heaven
Washington Olympia Protector
West Virginia Charleston High Knee Lifts
Wisconsin Madison  Potato Pickers
Wyoming Cheyenne Leg Forward Stretches

The Moleskine 

All 50 states capitals were served with 1 minute to spare


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