Death Valley Circuits

Death Valley Circuits

8 pax at Clemson did some circuit work. Not gonna give the details because it was fun and I plan to unleash it on the pax in the nearish future.

Down here for vacation and discovered Monday’s site is less than 0.5 miles from the AirBNB I’m in. Did a little pre-run to the AO worked out with some dudes and ran back.

Prior to the workout I did a few laps around the track. If there’s ever a time to be wearing a headlamp it was today. Glad I packed mine. Midway around the first lap the beam of my headlamp caught to glowing eyes in the middle of my path about 15 feet ahead. It took me a few steps to register and another few to stop. Good thing I did as the two glowing eyes I thought belonged to a cat instead belonged to a skunk. We stared at each other as I quickly, but not suddenly, reversed directions and ceded the track to him.

I’m glad we didn’t have a closer encounter or I might be sporting a new name upon my return to Waxhaw

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