Sunday Neighborhood Watch

Sunday Neighborhood Watch

Today’s walk was around Millbridge. No one had stepped up to Q and I did not have time to drive around during the week to find a development to take us to so I chose the easy way out and just decided to have Neighborhood Watch here in Millbridge.

Myself and Radar walked 3.07 miles at a pace of 3.5mph. Little Torpedo the 2.0 of Radar rode his bike. While out on our walk, we saw Paper Jam and his 2.0. I pointed out the area’s to Radar to where some of the fellow Waxhaw PAX lived in Millbridge.

We discussed Radar’s upcoming Ruck walk and that him and Jingles did the Ruck event last night as well. We discussed the blood drive, Dad’s camp and now that its summer and Covid is ending we are getting back out full time to workouts.

Next Sunday’s Neighborhood Watch will be at Blakeney Heath, 9201 Autumn Applause Drive, Waxhaw. This is the home development of Kirby who will be on Q. Radar will be the CO-Q as myself and Posse are both out of town next weekend. The address is Kirby’s home where they will be leaving from. Please come out and join the walk and get to know your fellow PAX and support to these two Q’s.

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