5 Star Workout

5 Star Workout

I’ve been to a lot of great workouts at F3, but never a true 5 Star workout, so this was the day for one.  We warmed up with a lap around the parking lot and then ran in the shape of a warm up exercise at each point of the star (SSH, seal jacks, merkins, low slow squats, and I’ve forgotten the last one).  Then we did a mosey to the band field and did our next star, this one much bigger, with 10 side lunges at each point of the star.  Then off to the cross country trail that goes around the Weddington campus.  It’s about a 5k if you just do the trail, and it goes in and out of the woods at different points.

Our first stop on the trail was at the brick pile where we did 10 overhead presses with bricks.  Back on the trail we continued till we came to some benches at the high school and did 10 dips, then kept going till we got the the hand rails where we did 10 supines, or however you spell it, then kept going.  Our next star was in the high school parking lot where we did 5 LBC’s at each point of the star.  Then back on the trail.

When we came out of the woods on the elementary school entrance we saw Posse running down the road.  He had driven all the way out to Clean Slate and no one was there, so he came back to Homecoming!  That is dedication!  I would have just gone straight to Dunkin, but Posse is the man.

We kept following the trail and stopping along the way for more exercises (merkins, bobby hurley’s, snow angels, autrailian snow angels, and a bunch of other stuff)  We did our last two stars in the bus parking lot and the middle school bball lot.  Then finished out the trail and came out pretty close to where we started.  Overall we did about 4.5 miles of running so it was a good workout.  Nice job fellas!

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