Downrange in F3 Annapolis

  • When:05/04/2021
  • QIC: Chew Toy
  • Pax:

Downrange in F3 Annapolis

Downrange at the Forge at Crofton Elementary School.

This was a running specific or run heavy workout that’s 45 min.  We did the loop around the parkway/golf course.  Got in around 5 miles with four stops for Merkins x 25.

Great group of guys lead by Chew Toy.  He moved to the area from Toledo and their strong F3 presence.

Goes to show how one guy can lead the charge to build an area.  They have 7 workouts a weeks now and are growing.  While running with the pax every time we passed a sad clown they would yell (and I mean yell), “Free men’s workout every Tues and Thurs at the Elementary School, 5:30am”.  It would have made Posse and Rubbermaid proud.  The cool thing is that TWO of the seven pax at the workout that day had been recruited by the very same method running by themselves in the morning in that neighborhood.  Don’t be bashful about giving away what we have freely been given.

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