Modify on the run

Modify on the run

Bottlecap asked me to Q the Afternoon Delight earlier this week but I didn’t start planning it until my drive over to the park. 30 minutes? No big deal.

4 pax ready to roll at 12:30. DiCCS given then off we go. I had a general plan to loop all the trails in the park and throw in exercises at random. I figured there had to be a rock pile somewhere on site too so there’s be plenty to do. Turns out I was right so that’s what we did.

Loop the trails. Pick up some rocks. Run back and forth while your partner picks up some rocks. Shoulder Taps, Bomb Jacks, Squats, and Tysons. Finished with some Step-Ups and some Side Straddle Hops to kill the clock.

We did about a mile and a half. Nothing crazy but we didn’t avoid running either.

I was really worried about tripping and falling at WTF tomorrow so I decided to do it today instead, much to the amusement horror of some poor lady walking her dogs. Sure glad I got that out of the way so I didn’t embarrass myself tomorrow.

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