Cold & Drizzly

Cold & Drizzly

14 Pax showed up today at a cold and drizzly Centurion. Pulled into the shopping center hoping the rain would hold off as I didn’t have any workout planned for the garage at Charlotte Catholic. I was surprised to see a car load of old timers (R) and others I haven’t seen in a while. Chelms, Shoe, Dr. Belding, Homeboy and Mayflower were all in the same car (referred to as “Elite Strong Men”). I’m sure Chelms came up with that name!!

Gave disclaimer and off we went.

Mosey across 51 to the Shopping center parking lot at 51 & Carmel


Warm-Up- Got jeers from the peanut gallery regarding Cadence count. A few remembered from several years ago from my virgin Q, how I butchered that.  Mermaid didn’t want to get his butt wet doing LBC’s

  • Low Slow Squat- 15
  • Hillbilly-15
  • Merkin-15
  • Mountain Climber- 15
  • LBC- 15


Main Event

Mosey to center of Shopping Center- Split the group in two

  • Bottom- Heels to Heaven-10


  • ½ run Up Stairs to the left & ½ run up to the right


  • – In the middle-10 Merkins.

Sable, Pre-School and Point Break leading most of the way.

*Repeat 5 times


Mosey to the rock pile-

  • 10 Curls
  • 10 Thrusters
  • 10 Triceps
  • 10 American Hammers with Rock

*Repeat 3 times


Mosey to the Aquatic Center- Parking lot was very slick from the rain

  • Bear Crawl half way up driveway, lung the remainder and jog back to start

Repeat Once


Started to mosey to Charlotte Catholic. When arriving at the back entrance off of Little Ave., we saw that it is gated off as they are starting construction on a new building. I then did a reverse direction and headed the group back passing the Aquatic Center, turned left and passed the football field & entered Charlotte Catholic from the back entrance.


Arrived at the brick benches next to the school.

  • 10 Dips
  • 10 Durkins
  • 10 Step Ups

*Repeat 3 times


Mosey back to launch. 30 seconds to spare

  • 10 Burpees




  • Continue to pray for Jennings and Bout Time’s family. Going through a very difficult time,
  • Blood Drive on Feb 19


Prayer– Thanks to Mermaid for taking us out



Great work by the Pax this morning. Great to see so many out on a cold and rainy morning, especially the old guys (R’s). Must have been 5 of 6 of us. It’s easy to stay in a bed on a day like this. The benefits that you get, far out-weigh the extra few hours of sleeping. Glad to be part of F3. Keeps me feeling young!!

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