Stay Home Halloween Candy Eating Fatties!!!

Stay Home Halloween Candy Eating Fatties!!!

(missing 1 pax… let me know who and I’ll add later)

As Milli Vanilli so popularly lipsang in 1989 “Blame it on the rain!”, only 8 PAX showed up to Centurion. But you say… “it didn’t even rain?”… No, it didn’t but the rain from the prior night effectively ruined Halloween and left Trick-or-Treaters at home and not going house to house for handouts. This left Ickey, Champagne, Purple Haze and all the other regulars at home binging on Milky Ways, Red Vines, Nerds, and Whoppers and sucking down lollipops to wash it down. YHC should have just announced a coat drive, so Chelms would show… (and to upgrade my current winter gear).

But we had fun… it was cold… and we did not need to cuddle or burn leaves for warmth. Instead we ran up the Little Avenue hill to the shopping center, lined up and did side squat lunges, bear crawls and crab walks with lots of mumblechatter. Then we headed back to the deck for some backwards elevation, AB PT tests, and more mumblechatter. Finished off with the staple of a Tolkien Centurion Q, the Mongolian Dragon Flag. We did some other stuff, that mostly hurt our tummies… not from the aforementioned candy. Finito!

Had fun out there this morning. YHC has been delinquent in the bootcamp category for some time so it was nice to change it up from running LSD with Tuck, just to take an epic and disturbing STRAVA picture. Thanks Margo for asking me to Q!


  • Please keep Samuel, Mermaid’s 2.0 and their family in your prayers as he goes through some uncertain health situations. Praying for clarity and healing in the process.
  • Looking at getting more involved in 3rd F for 2020? Shoot YHC a message, would love some new guys to step up for SPEED FOR NEED in 2020 in whatever capacity you would like.


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