Rock usage safety standards

Rock usage safety standards

A little drama last week at Anvil due to some misplaced rocks.  Hopefully it passes with little further impact, but always a good reminder to be aware of the traffic/pedestrian patterns at our AO’s and ensure we don’t cause unintended harm. 

That being said, 10 men showed up this morning and we went right back at the rocks. 

Disclaimer given, modifications allowed and a friendly reminder that a modification is either a decrease in activity or an increase.  No one is stopping you from doing more than the Q suggested.

Mosey around lot.  COP for SSH, Alternating Lunges, IW, and Low Slow Merkins.

Go to the rock pile out front, big an effective, but not overly aggressive rock and head to front lot for a trip to the islands.

Round 1:  32 reps of curls, 32 reps of triceps, run to other end for 4 burpees.  Run back, move rock forward one island.  Repeat and drop the reps by for each time (28, 24, 20, etc.)  Burpees are always 4.

Round 2:  Same thing but with OH Press and Bent over Rows.

Some mary in the interim.  Return rocks and fast mosey home. 



Snuka showed up in a white, 110% cotton, turtle next this morning.  The kind I would wear under a uniform in high school when it was winter.  I was pretty sure Under Armor and Smart Wool officially killed the turtle neck business, but Snuka has a throw back.  Would have been more awesome if he had that necklace on the outside of the turtle neck.  Next time.  Speaking of Snuka, he is a beast and let the PAX most of the morning, although the merkin portion of his burpee is a bit suspect, bordering on Chelms like which is odd, because I don’t think Snuka is even close to Chelms’ advanced age. 

Good to have Red Panda join us while on a training mission for GE.  He normally posts in NE Tennessee on the VA border. 

Lorax and Hammer were cruising all morning.  Hammer with the hoodie up like Rocky going out for a run.  (It was 55 degrees after all)

Happy Birthday (yesterday) to Mermaid.  We covered 64 burpees today, hopefully that was enough to cover your age this year. 

Lambeau and Mailman kept it grinding all morning. 

Margo – Q’s WAY out there at Cerberus on Friday.  Come join us.

Mailman stepped up to Q Anvil next week at the spot vacated by Brushback and his “Work trip”

Thanks to Lorax for the takout.


Announcements – Holiday Party- sign up with Mighty Mite now!!!! $30/person.  Food and drink provided.

VAGABOND – Saturday, 0630 launch at Hickory Tavern near 485 and Providence.  We will hit 6 AO’s and Kid Rock will have some food and beverages after.

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4 years ago

Beatdown, as expected. Would have preferred a slightly smaller rock. Good stuff Alf

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