The late Matrix BB

The late Matrix BB

5 dudes (only one site Q) posted for The Matrix.  Mid 50’s and clear skies.  No excuses to not be posting on a day like that. 

This BB is a day late so I will do what I can to remember the workout. 

Disclaimer, Mosey then COP.  Lunges, Slow Merkins, and some more standard stuff. 

Head to the playground for 10 pull ups.  !0 burpees at the island and 10 situps over there.  Repeat for 3 rounds.

Head over to the wall.  Feet on wall for some decline merkins.  5 rounds with some leg work in between.  Reverse lunges, broad jumps, one-legged hops, and frog jumps.  Also some wall sit. 

Head to the back parking lot for Merkin/Box Cutter circuit around the islands.  25 each on first lap, then 20, 15, 10, and 5

Sprint home. 


So Pop Tart schedule me on the Q list and confirmed yesterday but apparently slept in.  That’s OK.  We had Squid there to keep us in check although when I called for feet to be 12-18″ up on the wall he got into full BTW stance without hesitation.  It seemed weird to me, but who am I to judge?  Way is posting regularly now (more regularly than many of you punks) and getting into to good shape. Pitchfork isn’t one for the mumble chatter. Got out of the car for a 4 minute warm up stroll then joined us right at go time. Still killed it.  Got to chat with Hot Yoga for a bit.  Transplant from way up north (Dilworth) and now lives near Waverly.  Plenty close to jog in to workouts on Wed and Friday.

Thanks to Squid for the takeout.

Tomorrow is the last day to bring winter coats.

Sign up for Christmas party by sending Mighty Mite $30 per person. 


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