Slow Burn

  • When:10/14/201@
  • QIC: Deadwood

Slow Burn

Rolling into the lot today I see ignition Pax ready hanging out waiting to launch but they were Qless.! 5:16 still no Q so The pax were off. About that time, Wolverine was “coming in hot” up the side road riding all over an unnamed pax! Hollywood circled back for him and they were off.

My goal today was to stick together and not turn Flash into Ignition although it was very hard to retrain. Here we go!

DiCCS given along with the promise to Big 10 that there would be no SSH’s. Later he may have thought just running was a breeze. Let’s see.

The Thang:

  • Quick lap around the parking lot and head to the front of the middle school, circle up.
  • IW IC x10
  • Merkin IC 5 wide 5 regular 5 diamond (we were about to a lot more, no point in burning out.)
  • skipped the calf stretch – sorry Gerber. I was super shocked as well.
  • Low slow squat IC x 10

Partner up! I just broke my first rule.

P1 runs laps for 6mins. Partner 2 does excise

1st round. Speed skaters – squats – stepups

Rinse and repeat.
Its seems like the pax work much harder with a timer vs a certain number of reps. It did seem much harder.

Mosey to Back towards AO and stop on the sidewalk. This exercise was renamed by Banjo this morning as he was groaning in pain. Deadwoods abs from hell! Ha! Trust me Banjo, we were on on fire!

Captain Therkin

1/4 – 10/40 an routine

Big boys each time with 2 merkins and:

  • American Hammer
  • Flutters
  • No Hand flutters
  • Half crunch’s
  • AH
  • V-ups. If you make the mistake and add V-ups to this routine around 7/28 or 8/32 you are in for a world of hurt. I can do the regular Big boy/AH/4 merkins no problem…I had to audible this!!!!! #AWFUL!

Mosey back around to the front of the school the long way. As we approached the bus parking lot we see ignition doing their version of Captain Therkin…Did you in guys hit the merkins In between sets? Wolverine is good but my money is that he left that one out.

Pass them and pull back up to the island parking lot. Let’s do that run partner thing again!
this time only a hot half lap. Even better!

I would call a new exercise more often and we really got some work in. I didn’t time anyone running but it probably takes about 25-30secs.

We did: burpees, merkins, bear crawl, And something else.

I love webs and ladders so let’s try a new on. We’ve done the MT/DD web and its tough. Today we did merkin/dry dock web and I thought it was harder! Audible around 4/16. Form was going out the window. If I can’t do it, I yell recover and move on.

We finished that as ignition was jogging back to COT. We ran to the corner of the building g and stopped. AUG back to COT. We roll up and the ignition guys are doing abs again!!! SMH

Great job by both groups! #flashworkedharderthanignition


Gladiator will launch 10/26. Kid Rock will have more details.

Hero Run 5k 7:00? Saturday morning. – see the PH or reach out tan Mad Dog

Christ Closet folding party! Shooting for Thursday but more pax are interested in Saturday…make a poll!!!

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