What AN EVENT! For those that don’t know SOB Adopted the Sandbox as Partner organization that has allowed us to help those in need in our communities. Our F3 pax has done amazing things to help families over the last couple years. We have consistently maintained lawns, moved families, cleaned houses, built patio’s, built chairs, even coordinated a hospital visit and brought NBA player as an unexpected surprise for a young man not doing so hot in the hospital.

This year marks the second time we have been apart of their largest event of the year to support the families of Sandbox “The Prom.” Gents , let me tell you, this is not a two bit event, this is has a, pull out all the stops awesome entertainment for these families party. They got a red carpet, acrobats, DC comic characters, dancing, food, professional DJ’s, it no joke.

We get to be who we are, men that want to be servants to those in need. Our job was to help load up the families into the limo’s and buses before they take the hot lap around the Charlotte Motor Speedway before their entrance to the main show where hundreds of people are cheering them on. We, get to be the men that help to kick off the evening right, and we did just that.

Proud to be able to serve with those that could come and hope more can come next year as I think they will be asking for more support from us because we rocked it. We had one of our OWN as a magician this year. For those that don’t know Job is a professional Magician. I had no idea, not only is he good, he’s really good. They loved him! If you ever need entertainment for a Corporate event Job is the man. The rest of us did our thing, Jingles hopped off his flight and headed straight to the event with no hesitation jumped in on the unloading team. Snowflake learned to operate very sophisticated wheel chairs and ran back and forth in the 90 heat. Thin spent his birthday (happy birthday old man) running and coordinating as well. Blue Screen and his M cheered on and help off load. Dasher and I loaded while our NEW Pax member Pabst joined in the loading as well. Kirby texted me at the last minute and was able to join in. He was a life saver as we loaded up the couches with our Moreseville F3 Pax that help tear down (Had no idea they found another F3 Region to help) HOW cool is that!.

Last, we make it a point to write a BB for running around in the morning like a bunch of wild men but I can’t say that we are all that good at BB when it comes to community events. My challenge to all that lead these events is that we should share how awesome it is to do these events as well as being a part of them. I know I was blessed to be part of this event with my family and I am looking forward to the next time I can do it.

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4 years ago

Proud to know you guys. Thanks for doing this, and great to see the BB with some color commentary.

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