Green Monster – Part 2

Green Monster – Part 2

8 men posted. We ran to big grassy area. Then ran around it with 5 Merkins, Sit-Ups, Merkins, Romanian Dead Lifts, Mountain Climbers & Burpees. Repeat-o while adding 5 more each loop. Run home.


Outside of GhostRunner, WAMRAP might be the easiest Q out there. Donut Run looks easy too, but Bushwood has to deal with all the nagging about which route people are running. It’s stressing him out and it shows in the new wrinkles on his face. Might need to start doing a Botox run. And by the way, since when do we need to know what the workout is ahead of time? The beauty is in the surprise. Sometimes the surprise is good – like when the cake inside is chocolate. Other times you get vanilla, and that sucks. Either way its a mystery until the last minute.

WAMRAP is simple. Come up with like 4-6 exercises. Run some. Repeat.

Besides that, O’Tannenbaum was there too way early today. Mainly because he is the worst sales guy in the history of sales guy. Most sales guys take clients out late night. They expense high end bourbon, big steaks and strippers. Not OT. He tucks them in at 9pm, swipes their pillow mint, and invites them to WAMRAP in the morning. One of those was already an F3 man from Lake Murray (Fire Daddy). The other, Lou, now “Swamp Thing,” is from NJ – which is primarily an over taxed swamp. But hey, if the President can bankrupt a half a dozen casino’s in that state, then there’s no excuse for you not to run for President. You could run on the democratic ticket this year. Everyone else is. Odd’s are you could edge out that two-term At-Large School Board member from Ypsilanti, MI to come in second-to-last place at the Primary’s.

Udder continues to come to WAMRAP. I think he only does it to visit his brother at Camp Gladiator. Nemo posted. He’s more power lifter than runner now. He’s all bulked up and dropped his vocabulary to just grunts and 5 or 6 single syllable words.

Flipper jumped in front of Squid to give a solid take out. Squid looked unconvinced. Strong chance the Seaman is going to see if the Porpoise can really swim when he takes him out on a boat and dumps him overboard like the “burial at sea” Bin Laden got.

I’d offer thanks to whoever asked me to Q this week, but I am not sure anyone really is in charge here. No worries. Still the hardest workout of the week even if it is loosely run by a committee of misfit toys.


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Chelms aka Tatertot
1 year ago

What does “WAMRAP” stand for (did not see it in Lexicon – you should submit)?

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