Moist morning at Area 51. Maybe even damp.

Moist morning at Area 51. Maybe even damp.

6 men posted for this mornings Area 51 workout.  Site Q’s were well represented.  Maybe they didn’t trust me and both Huggie Bear and Abacus posted to make sure I didn’t take this thing sideways.  We had 50% Hokies with Joker and Turkey Leg joining me.  O’Tannenbaum rounded out the bunch heading in on 2 wheels right on schedule.

Weak disclaimer with a bunch of veterans around.

Mosey out to sidewalk and down past the track.  Circle around into the bus lot for a quick COP.  Standard fare:  SSH, IW, and Merkins.

Head back across campus to the rock pile.  Grab a lifting rock and bring it back to the entrance of the soccer field parking lot.

5 reps of Curls, OH Press, and Tricep extensions.  Head to playground

5 Pullups and 5 Split Leg Squats (each leg).  Head to wall by school entrance

5 Donkey Kicks, People’s Chair with 50 OH presses.  Head to track.

5 Decline Merkins on the bench, 5 Step ups (each leg), Hot lap around the track.  Mosey back to rocks.

Now, on your own pace repeat for 4 more laps, doing 10, 15, 20 and 25 reps of each exercises.  With the exceptions being pull-ups – 7, 9, 11, 13 and the People’s Chair stayed at 50 air presses.

A little Mary at the end until the PAX was in.  Everyone was pretty smoked and we still had 15 minutes left.

At rocks do 2 rounds of 15 Good Mornings, 15 Tea Bag Squats and 15 Lougaines

Take rocks back.  Plank work by the cars to finish out the last 2 minutes.


Strong work by everyone today.  Joker said he was broken by the end of the 5 cycles. Temps weren’t that high but humidity sure was.  PAX were drenched in sweat, time to hydrate.

As promised I kept everyone of the muddy, swampy fields and kept things on the pavement for the most part.

Thanks to Abacus for the takeout this morning and for the invitation to lead out here.


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