Excessive nagging

Excessive nagging

8 men posted up at Area 51 this morning.  The grounds were saturated and steam was rising from the fields.  It wouldn’t take long to break a sweat.

At first it looked like a small crowd with just 3 of us at the starting point, then in the last 90 seconds a caravan of 5 more cars pulled in.  A brief disclaimer for a bunch of vets and off we were heading out towards the firehouse, making the first left into the neighborhood.

Circle up for SSH, then mosey to the end of the street.

Circle up for some IW.  I got distracted with the mumble chatter and forgot that I was the Q and had to call cadence.  Lets just say we did some of these.

Mosey on through the back entrance to the fields and up onto the back lot.  Circle up for merkins and mountain climbers.

Mosey to the field.  Going the full distance for the beast.  6 merkins at the first light post, 6 merkins at the 2nd light post and 6 on the sidewalk on the other side.   Repeat on the way back.

By this point I had heard enough of the nagging, talk back, plans for a coup, and downright mutiny because the shoes got a bit wet and muddy.  So we moved the remainder of the beast over to the pavement.  Jump Squats, Dry Docks, Lunges, Monkey Humpers, and the burpee finisher.

Mosey over to the track.  Stop at the wall for some peoples chair and arm raises while we wait for a woman to finish her lap and move off the track.  At the track partner up.  P1 runs the loop and catches up to P2 who is broad jumping down the track.  Repeat for 2 laps each.  Again.  More complaining about broad jumping.

Mosey over to the tires in the back of the school.  25 full sit-ups.  run down to the railing on the path ~50 yards and dow 25 merkins.  Come back for 20 sit-ups and back to 20 merkins.  Repeat for 15, 10 and 5.

Back around the school so we didn’t get our feet wet.  Plank with feet on the wall.  A couple of rounds of 6″ with feet on the wall.

Over to the playground for the Joker special:  10 pull-ups, 20 jump squats and 30 dips.  Two times through.

Circle up for Mary:  Freddy Mercury, Dolly, Glue Bridge, LBC, LBC Right, LBC Left



You know who complained?  The fast guys Joker and McGee.  Joker who wears a white shirt and new shoes to a muddy AO and then complains.  McGee, at 32, is apparently too old to get dirty.  You know who didn’t complain?  The Respects, O’T and Beaver.  In fact O’T smoked everyone on the burpee section of the Beast and Beaver was one of the only guys to do broad jumps his whole turn on the track – and he had his hip replaced last year.

Turkey Leg was hanging around and working hard, still working out 6 days a week while trying to recover from a pulled groin and knee issues.  High Tide came out to McKee Road for his first time EVER.  He had never been to Area 51 or The Matrix.  Welcome out, you should come back again sometime.  Huggie Bear held down the fort for the site Q’s as Abacus was out on some personal business this weekend.

All in all, a great workout and a lot of sweat was soaked into all our shirts this morning.  Thanks for joining me this morning.


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High Tide
3 years ago

Speaking of nagging…here is my final plea:
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Order your shirts now, as this may be our last chance.
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