Has anyone seen my bags?

  • When:11/29/16
  • QIC: The Count
  • The PAX: HairBand, LumberJack, Hoodie, Shepherd(R), Nomad (R), The Count(QIC)

Has anyone seen my bags?

Oh, Hoodie has them on his feet! Expecting a down-pour, Hoodie came prepared with a plastic bag on each foot! The rain did not come, but Hoodie’s feet stayed dry!

A little HB mile to get us warmed up.


No FNGs, but disclaimer provided.
Slow Windmill X 5 IC
Slow 3-count Merkins x 10 IC
IW x 20 IC
SSH x 30 IC

Mosey to the circle with the ‘future public art’ sign.

Main Event:

We partnered up for a little Dora 1,2, 3
Round 1: Partner 1 begins with merkins while partner 2 runs a pre-determined lap on the parking lot.
Flap-jack until 100 total between the partners
Round 2: 200 squats between the 2 with interchanging laps
Round 3: 300 LBCs between the 2 with interchanging laps

Mosey to the rock steps facing the volleyball courts

2 rounds OYO: 10 Derkins, 20 dips, 30 step ups

Over to the main road:
Lunge walk to the first island – 10 CDDs
Bear-crawl to the 2nd island – 20 CDDs
Backwards run to the 3rd island – 30 CDDs
And a jog back to the starting point.

Shout-out to Shepherd as he flew through this circuit.

Once the crew was back – all you got to the end of parking lot.

Nomad was picking them up & putting them down!

Now for a little wall-time.

Everyone in the people’s chair – 50 air-presses, a short break, then another 50 air-presses civilian count
Back on the wall for another 100 air-presses, followed by an additional 2-minutes with arms held straight out before recovery


Can-openers (jack-knifes?) x 20 each leg – a repeat of what Madison introduced this past Saturday
Dollies x 30
LBCs x20
Protractor – with PAX calling degrees – 2x through

And that’s a wrap!

Few announcements: Joe Davis Run, Christmas Party, pray for Count’s M-i-L and especially the family as the last couple of weeks have been a roller-coaster. Thanks HB for taking us out! Also, should’ve prayed for LumberJack as he’s about to have surgery on his foot and will be out an extended period of time.

Great job by entire crew today – obviously some fart-sackers thought the rain would be too much, but I’m sure Hoodie came with extra bags to hand out!

Posted on behalf of The Count – HB

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