Fat Camp Logistics

  • When:11/23/16
  • QIC: Mario
  • The PAX: Fallout, General, Escobar, Mighty Mite, Marlin (R), Fire Hazard, Nard Dog, Mario (QIC)

Fat Camp Logistics

6 men gathered out in the gloom at SOB’s weekly edition of the gear workout known as Fat Camp. Warm up started with a short mosey around the parking lot…pick up Escobar rolling in and take a lap around the school for YHC to mentally understand the coming logistics before looking stupid trying to explain The Thang. Circle up for warm up….andddd add Nard Dog. Change to Logistics.

Warm Up:

15 X SSH

15 X Seal Jack

15 X Windmill

15 X Low Slow Squat

10 X Merkin

10 X Carolina Dry Dock

The Thang:

YHC really had grinders on the mind yesterday, so was hoping and praying for a small number divisible by 3. 6 or 9 was ideal, had it, lost it, was close to having it again. Too bad JRR Tolkien is too busy making excuses for never showing up on Wednesdays even when there’s no bible study came down with a stomach bug. Thanks for the gear brother, get well!

YHC starts throwing gear into a pile to plan out the stations (and the flow, as 8 is a bit tricky). Fire Hazard gets mad because there’s only one station with 8 workouts. #facepalm

Idea is to flow from station 1 thru 8, relieved to the next when the “walker” gets to you.

1 – Shrugs using two 45lb plates (hold by the rim, not the grip hole)

2 – Bucket Carry (“Walker”)

3 – OHP (35lb Kettle Bell)

4 – Farmer’s Carry w/ 2 Kettle bells in one hand (“Walker”)

5 – Bent over rows with sandbag

6 – Merkin Ladder (Alternating Diamond and Wide Arm)

7 – Bucket Carry (“Walker”)

8 – Sandbag Squats

Logistics ended up as 1, walk bucket to 3. Man at 3 brings bucket back to 1, and moves over to 4 and carries the KBs down to 5. Man at 5 brings KBs Back down and moves to 6. From 6 walk bucket to 8. Man at 8 brings bucket back, and starts back at 1.

It’s a lot easier to see than to think about, so a little explaining and demonstration required to get thangs movin. However, it went relatively smoothly, and worked well on the back and grip strength especially.


After 3 rounds of the circuit, mosey over to the playground. Split into partners.

  • Partner 1) Burpee Pull-ups (burpee, but instead of jumping, do a pull-up)
  • Partner 2) In & Out Merkins: (Feet on swing, merkin, bring knees to chest, repeato)

Burpee pullups were the timer, each PAX completed rounds of 10,8,6,2 (and some got 2 more)


Mosey back over to the school, and YHC grabbed a plate on the way.

People’s chair, pass the plate to your neighbor, all the way down and back a few (5?) times.

10 5 X Balls to the wall merkin – Feet against the wall in merkin stance (thanks for the term, Argonaut). Merkin, walk feet up to balls to the wall stance (ha). Back down, merkin. Repeat (YHC practiced these at home, but had not done the previous burpee madness before that. Some got more than the adjusted 5 reps)

Peoples chair, 5 OHP with the plate, pass to neighbor.

Back in diamond merkin stance, but this time do a merkin, move your right hand out. Idea was to get to 10 reps (which we did, doing 2 reps at some distances), moving a little wider each rep. YHC moved too quickly #ithappens

Peoples chair, 5 OHP with the plate, pass to neighbor.


Mosey back to launch, with 1.5 minutes left, last call is 15 X J-Lo’s, 10 X Chippy Cross.

YHC with the Takeout.

Fat ole Moley

As this date remained open on the calendar, YHC realized that he needed to take it. In this season of thanks, YHC needed a source to show all the gratitude and thanks in the world to F3, and in particular to the SOBs. I needed to get back to the Q.

This year has been tough for YHC. August (span of 21 days) was a whirl wind of ups and downs, going from the best shape of my life and kicking JRR Tolkien’s A$$ at YHC’s first spartan in Asheville, to getting my motorcycle stolen, to a long vacation celebrating my 25th bday – in Boston at my first 2 Red Sox games at Fenway with many of my cousins, to losing my father to a heart attack a week later.

The overwhelming love and support from the PAX that followed was exactly that. Overwhelming. No one knows what to do or say in these situations, and the truth is there isn’t a right thing. Just say something, let that person know you’re thinking of them, praying for them, invite them over for dinner, for a drink. Just say something. It’s what got me through, and I’m forever grateful.

I only bring this up so that as you look around the table tomorrow, share your love for everyone. You may know it’s there, but make it vocal. Roll over and give your M a kiss when you wake up. Tell her you love her and appreciate her. Wrap your 2.0’s in the biggest bear hug possible. Consumer them in your arms. Tell them you’re proud of them.

The PAX this morning, and EVERY morning, gives it their all day in and day out. Whether it’s the marathon training that’s swept over the SOBs, to the daily grind of the weight-loss challenge, or just the comradery that takes place each morning in the gloom, I’ve always been overly impressed with these men that call themselves F3, and their ability to lead and push others to succeed and become better men.

Thank you all for everything. My heart bleeds with passion and love for this group.





Toy drive for Operation Sweet Tooth. Bring toys to various AOs next week.

Convergence tomorrow at 6:30 at DaVinci (Chick-Fil-A Blakeney)

Joe Davis Run.

Sign up to Q Fat Camp!


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7 years ago

Great Q today Mario! I admire your leadership and drive to give it your all each and every day!

Fire Hazard
7 years ago

Thanks for the lead today Mario. I still don’t know where to take that damn bucket. Is it person 6 or person 9. Wait three is only 8 of us. Anyway, I appreciate the support and push you give the pax. Don’t worry in 2017 I am calling it…. No down times, we will all stay un injured, be as fast as Frasier, as ripped as kid rock, and as strong as brown.

JRR Tolkien
JRR Tolkien
7 years ago

So is beating the heck out of a 39yr old dude (13yrs your senior… and mildly fat) in a race the high or low point for you? Can’t tell… Either way, a high point for the SOBs was you stepping out of your comfort zone to be the leader among men this year.

Happy Thanksgiving all

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