Keep it moving!

  • QIC: Hair Band
  • The PAX: Bernanke, Shepherd (R), Nomad (R), Lamont (R), Hair Band (QIC LI), Hoodie (FO), Hoffa (R)

Keep it moving!

Screeching into the parking lot with 1 minute to spare, who could it be?… YHC

Let’s do this!
Follow me!

SSH x 25
IW x 20
Low slow squats x 15
…. enough of that, let’s go!

The Thang!
Run the road, stopping at each peninsula/island/thing 5 Merkins at the first, add 5 each one after until 20 then plank up for the 6.

To the bottom of the hill and partner up, with me being a third due on a team due to fartsacks and other various no shows.

P1 run hill with called exercise at top
P2 exercise at the bottom, flapjack until you hit combined count at bottom exercise.

Must be #O2Dep, I can’t remember everything but it was something like this…
Round 1:
P1 Flutter 20 at the top
P2 Merkins at bottom, flapjack until 100 Merkins

Round 2:
P1 5 burpees at the top
P2 LBCs to 150ish combined

Bernanke started complaining about his hands being cold so hands off the ground round, who said the Q has to be mean?
Round 2:
P1 Jump Squats x 10 at top
P2 Squats at bottom to 200

legs were screaming on this one

Follow me and watch the net!

Over to the volleyball bleachers

20 step ups, 20 dips, walk to the top and 20 squats, 3 rounds then plank.

Over to the wall for… No not peoples chair, Donkey Kicks!
15 Donkey Kicks, recover
5 burpees in the grass
peoples chair w/ air presses to 50

20 Donkey Kicks,
10 burpees in grass
PC with 100 APs

25 Donkey Kicks,
20… Carolina Dry Docks
PC with 150 APs

Mosey to the lot and on your 6

Flutter x 25
Dolly x 25
Back Scratcher x 20
Shep, call something out!………………..
“Next Exercise LBCs…………….. Starting position……………….
Somebody is wasting time!!!
about 20 LBCs were finally done as Shep was hoping time would run out.
Nomad! Call something!
Russian twist x 20


-If you want F3 gear before Christmas get your orders in soon! Check the site for details.
-#F3Overdrive is still on at it’s normal time Friday with Glass Joe on Q to try to bend the rules of gear somehow.

Thanks to Shepherd for taking us out.

While I pushed the limits, I was not technically late. #Cobains anyway, I usually like to be early when I am on Q to greet people as they show up which we should all do.

Great work out there by everyone, we kept moving the entire time, partially to keep warm and also to get the metabolism up. I’m not sure if anyone is posting tomorrow anywhere but if not I hope everyone has safe travels and a great Thanksgiving with family and/or friends. I appreciate all of you and as always it is an honor to lead!

Hair Band

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