Pain School

  • When:11/19/16
  • QIC: Hair Band
  • The PAX: Glass Joe, Hoffa (Respect), Blow Out, Starmount, Keifer, Hair Band (QIC), Bellyflop (2.0), Jim Anderson (FNG - Brown Bag), Turnpike (Kotters)

Pain School

Well, #F3Monroe is about 2 months old now and it’s time to grow some leaders. Today’s agenda was a 30 minute beatdown and then a modified Q School to continue to build the culture and it went something like this…

Mosey and circle up, disclaimer given and we were off:
Circle Of Pain (COP)
Side Straddle Hops (Jumping Jacks) x 20 In Cadence (IC)
Merkin (Pushup) x 10 IC
Imperial Walkers x 15 IC
Low Slow Squat x 10 IC

Enough of that, let’s mosey to the rock pile under the bridge, we are not running with the rock so get yourself a manly one, no pebbles.

The Thang:
Partner up and line up for a rockin’ ark loader.
Partner 1 does called exercise with the rock, partner 2 does called movement to the tree (roughly 30 yards) and back then flapjack. Plank up when both partners are done.

Round 1
P1 Rock curls
P2 bear crawl to tree and back
flapjack, then plank

Round 2
P1 Skull crushers Audibled to standard tricep extensions after my almost skull crushing demo. Rock was a good weight but too awkward to hold correctly. #QFail
P2 Crab Walk to tree, run back
Flapjack, plank

Round 3
P1 Overhead rock press
P2 Lunge Walk to tree and back, To stay true to the “Ark loader” I’ll call this the walking stick.
flapjack, plank

(The downside of waiting 2 days to post a backblast… I know we did Flutter press so I can’t remember if there was another round or if they were in place of something above. I’m sure someone will correct me.)

Enough of that, deposit your rock and follow me!

Wait! Let me introduce the Monroe PAX to my good friend Jack Webb!
The exercise ratio is 1 pushup to 4 air presses, so 1:4, 2:8, 3:12 etc.
We (well, most of us) went to 10:40. Glass Joe basically just bobs his head and flaps his ears for each of those exercises.

I still have time before school starts so let’s go to #HotdogHill
7s on the hill
6 LBCs at the top, 1 squat at the bottom, then 5 LBCs at top, 2 squats at bottom, etc. until finished.

Modified Q school time, GJ and I discussed cadence and the reason behind it etc. we then offered up some on the job training which went something like this:

Hoffa: Dips x 20, step ups x 20 – 2 rounds
Keifer: Derkins (Decline Merkins)
Turnpike: Dolly
Starmount: SSH
Blow Out: Imperial Walkers
Bellyflop: Hotdog Hill again, 10 burpees at the top, LBCs at the bottom, repeato with 20 burpees #killshot

But wait, we still have a few minutes for

6 Minutes of Mary (actually it was about 4):
Rosalita x 20 IC
Backscratcher x 20
Flutter x 20

First some recognition to Hoffa, he is getting stronger and faster every week and is setting the bar high for us younger guys… He has even shown up on time twice this week!

Everyone else was doing awesome out there modifying where needing but still pushing and that is what gets you stronger/faster. No shame in modifying as long as you are doing something to push yourself.

Everyone can rest easy, Bellyflop is grounded for his burpee hill shenanigans… Not really but that did suck. Between Jack Webb, Derkins and burpees we are lucky there were no faceplants from guys arms giving out. Or there were and I just didn’t see them.

I tried to use full exercise names and explain a few things in this back blast (BB) just to help you new guys get more used to all the crazy lingo but you can also look at the Lexicon and Exicon on the site for further info. For what it’s worth, the pushup was originally called (in F3) the American Pushup, which was shortened to the American, which was shortened to the Merkin. Don’t google merkin, it is a VERY different thing. #LookingOutForMyBrothers #Purity

And welcome to FNG Brown Bag! Glad you made it out brother and hope you will become a regular. F3 Union County we usually say is like the Island of Misfit Toys, we are an odd bunch but friendly.

Follow F3 Union County on Facebook
Follow @F3UnionCo on twitter for news and updates/announcements about workouts.

And you can follow a bunch of us on twitter also, I’m @ktackel

Always an honor to lead! And while this isn’t my usual Saturday AO (Area of Operation) I will be down to visit and help Q (lead) from time to time. Keep inviting friends and grow this thing!

Hair Band

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