Slightly Awkward, But We Got Things Done

  • When:11/19/2016
  • QIC: The Late Show
  • The PAX: The Count, Squid (2.0), Smokey, Bonhoeffer, Post-it Note (fng), The Late Show

Slightly Awkward, But We Got Things Done


Disclaimer and procedure clarified (thanks to Squid) we get things going….

Windmills in cadence

Rock Star slide practice

Lieutenant Dan field goal practice

Side lunges

Merkins, slow down then up

Merkins down then slow up (backwards cadence count is confusing)

Slow Squats

Stuff We Did

Over to the handrail for a grinder.

(5) supine rows

(10) pushups

(15) squats

repeat till the Q calls time

Chatter = not working hard enough….  Even though the Q decided to throw in a joke about a cardiologist playing God or golf, depending on what your selective hearing allowed you to hear.

Then over to the tires.

Tire puller is the timekeeper.  Row the tire to yourself, drag it back to start position.

Meanwhile the PAX are on the wall for coconuts over banana.

Switch tire pullers.

PAX on the curb for some split squats (Kudos to Squid for loading up with some db’s to knock these out.)

All the PAX take a turn on the tire.

Sticking at the tires….

Battle Hose setup anchored by one of the tires and EE’s epoxy plates.

Battle Hoser is the timekeeper.  (30) slams while the PAX do other stuff.

Other stuff = KB swings.

Switch Battle Hosers.

PAX do crawl of choice towards the flagpole.

All PAX take turn Battle Hosing.

Farmer carry weight of your choice an undetermined distance and back.  Maybe 40 yards down and 40 back?

Time for some Mary…

Did a little Cat/Cow to ease some low back ailments, then turned it over to the PAX to call a core exercise (I quickly questioned my judgement in doing so).

LBC’s and Dolly’s for infinity.


Counted off and welcome to Post-it Note, friend of Bonhoeffer.

Bonhoeffer took us out with prayer.


This was a bit different for me.  I’ve been out of swing for 3-4 weeks getting a handle on a chronic issue and came back with the news that I have to hang up my running sneaks.  I decided to get right back in the saddle with a 0.0 Q.   My thanks to the PAX today for their patience.  I do 0.0 work on my own during the week but have never Q’d a strict 0.0 workout.

Solid work by everyone today.

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