Hiccup Remedy

  • When:11/18/16
  • QIC: Chipotle
  • The PAX: Kirby, Fire Hazard, Wild Turkey & Marlin

Hiccup Remedy

As the PAX gathered for Fight Club, Kirby and Fire Hazard reminisced about a camping trip where a soused Kirby burdened with an episode of the singultus, implored an equally blotto Howard Testerman to punch him in the breadbasket. Thus began another exciting episode of F3 FIGHT CLUB*

Round 1
P1 & P2 gloves & mitts
P3 & P4 gloves & mitts
P5 Heavy bag
2 min rounds, shuffle and rotate

Round 2
P1 & P2 spar in the pit
P3 & P4 gloves & mitts
P5 Heavy bag

Round 3
Regular crunch x 20
Toe-tap crunch x 20
Side crunch R&L x 20
Pistol crunch R&L x 15
Pretzel crunch R&L x 20
Chippy cross x 20
Freddy mercury x 20

No Fight Club next week (Nov 25)
Christmas Party – SIGN UP!
Operation Sweet Tooth – Please purchase toys and other needed items to be donated to Alexander Youth Home
Jingle Bell Run – SIGN UP!
Joe Davis Resolution Run – SIGN UP!

*Let’s not talk about Fight Club while my M is present at Christmas party.

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