• When:11/17/16
  • QIC: Good Hands
  • The PAX: Hops, Iron Horse, Jet Fuel, Champagne, Ickey Shuffle, Arena, Gummy, Marge, Deep Dish, Good Hands


YHC rolled into the OPE parking lot at 5:23 to find no other cars present. Were the pax heeding the air quality warnings and choosing the fartsack? Suddenly 9 more cars rolled in, seemingly all at once, and we would proceed with the workout. All veteran crew so short disclaimer and off we went.

Run to Harris Teeter parking lot and circle up for COP:
SSH x 25 IC
Merkin x 15 IC
IW x 20 IC
Low Slow Squat x 20 IC
Something else??

Run back to OPE and gather at the small football field up by the school. Someone led the faster pax in mary until YHC and the six arrived.

Run the loop around the fields, with pain stations mixed in:
– Sprint down the small football field (75 yds or so) and do 10 merkins, sprint back for 10 merkins, and down again for 10 merkins.
– Next run between the fields to the tables at the concession stand, do 10 derkins and 20 dips.
– Continue around the far side of the fields and up to the basketball courts, find a partner and do 10 hand-slap merkins
– Run to the driveway behind the school and hit the wall for wall-sits with 50 air presses OYO.
– Run to the playground and do 10 real pull-ups, help your partner if necessary
– Run back to the start at the top of the football field and do LBC’s until the six arrives.

Repeato, this time with squats on the down-and-backs, 20 jump-ups or 10 step-ups each leg at the tables, 10 burpees at the b-ball courts, wall sits/air presses again, pullups again, and LBC’s back at the start.

About 10 minutes left, so AYG sprints on the short football field. I think we did a total of 6.

Circle up for Mary. YHC started the first exercise and then each pax called one:
– Dolly (Good Hands)
– Maktar Ndiaye (Hops of course, 13 reps of course)
– CCV’s (Deep Dish, paid by Hops??)
– Memory getting foggy…..I know we did Heels to Heaven, TGU’s, and something else, sound off below on who called what.


Nobody messaged me asking who was on Q this week, so I couldn’t rope anyone into it. The word is out I guess, need to find a new tactic. Thanks to Champagne for stepping up for the next Q, two weeks from now due to Thanksgiving.

Great effort by the group today, and always a fun and chatty crowd at Hydra. Hopefully the PAX got their money’s worth, I’m sure some posted thinking there wouldn’t be much running. I sure second-guessed myself when I got left in the dust to wheeze through the workout by myself. I blame it on the smoke.

Xmas Party 12/2
Turkey day football
Toy drive – Operation Sweet Tooth – check the email/website
Joe Davis Run – sign up

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