Pain is really not that far away!

  • When:11/12/16
  • QIC: The Count
  • The PAX: Bonhoeffer, Double-E, Smokey, Shepherd(R), The Count(Q)

Pain is really not that far away!

A little HB mile to get us warmed up.


No FNGs, but disclaimer provided.
SSH x 25 IC
Slow Windmill X 10 IC
IW x 25 IC
Slow 3-count Merkins x 10 IC
Mountain Climbers X 15 IC

Mosey to the picnic tables on the side of the school

Main Event:

A few rounds of pain-stations:
1st round – 30 x Step-ups, Derkins & Dips
Cheese-weave through the buses & plank until PAX is all there.
2nd round – 20 x Carolina Dry-Docks, Mountain Climbers & Flutters
Cheese-weave through the buses & burpees until PAX is all there.
3rd round – BTTW with 15 shoulder touches, 15 donkey-kicks, then lunge-walk length of the awning (heading downhill)
Run to the end of the bus-line, around the final bus and then backwards run the length of the buses.

LBCs until PAX is all there.


Rosalitas x 25
Dollies x 25
Feddie Mercuries – nice & slow x 20
Protractor – with PAX calling degrees – 2x through

Mosey to the hill.

Stairway to 9’s: Burpees at the top/ Bomb-jacks at the bottom (each set totally 9)

Now time for some wall – People’s Chair with 100 air presses
Back in the chair for another 150 air presses
Back in the chair for another 200 air presses
Not time to recover yet – stay in position with arms straight out for an additional 2-minutes

Around to the hand-rail for some supine pull-ups, nice and slow with holds at the top x 10 IC
Roll-over for 10 slow-count Merkins IC

30 more step-ups

Circled up for a ‘Call your own shot’ session:
Shepherd – LBCs x 21 IC
Smokey – 10 Burpees OYO
Bonhoeffer – LSS holding in the squat position for additional discomfort x 10 IC
EE – another HB mile
The Count – SSH x 25 IC

And that’s a wrap!

Few announcements:
Joe Davis Run, GJ’s Wife, Horse’s Arm, Christmas Party, pray for Count’s M-i-L and especially the family as they determine the best care-decisions, pray for our country and all of the unrest.

Thanks Smokey for taking us out!

Great job by entire crew today!


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