The Big House – Today’s Episode: The Start of Something Big…or…We Were Nearly Arrested

  • When:11/14/16
  • QIC: Dumpster Fire
  • The PAX: Madame Tussauds, Snowflake (R), Kirby, Banana Boat (FNG-Brendan), White Collar, Tramp Stamp, Drano, Thin Mint, Jello, Big Papi, Pvt. Benjamin (FNG-Ed), Slim Fast, Outback, Mr. Bean, Alice (FNG-Jose), Cheddar, Triple 7 (R), General, Heartbreaker, Firehazard, Ickey Shuffle, Strawberry, Front Line, One and Done (R), Udder, Utah, Tagalong, Toolbag, Dumpster Fire (QIC)

The Big House – Today’s Episode: The Start of Something Big…or…We Were Nearly Arrested

And with the newly minted Shovel Flag planted, 30 SOBs and A51s were booked & arraigned on charges at The Big House…SOBs/A51’s westernmost AO.  30…that’s a lot of cats to herd.

….but NOT before three of Pineville’s Finest exited the station (with a Police Car pulling up to a halt) suspiciously asking us what we thought we were doing here in their visitors lot.  FF through 10 uncomfortable seconds of “Oh, Sh*t we’re all getting arrested,” YHC managed to pull himself together in the nick of time to remind our esteemed officers that YHC had received clearance from the Chief of Police on more than one occasion, and was happy to produce emails as recent as Saturday for proof.  No such papers were needed, and they happily let us get on with it, remarking that YHC could do their share of called exercises.  Yes sirs.

Thorough disclaimer given FNGs present, we went on a leisurely lap around the baseball park – warm up lap was approximately .5 miles from the launch point….a helpful scenic tour & appropriate warm up for the temps. Plank up & wait for the 6…or listen to Fire Hazard talk about his feelings.

Everyone here?  Let’s begin.


The Thang:
Partner Up, Mosey to Tree Farm

Partner 1 – Run to first half, 30 LBCs, run back & tag Partner 2
Partner 2 – CDDs until Partner 1 returns
Partner 2 – Run to first half, 30 LBCs, run back & tag Partner 1
Partner 1 – CDDs until Partner 1 returns
PAX plank up until all are finished.

Partner 1 – Run to second half, 15 boxcutters, run back & tag Partner 2
Partner 2 – Floyd Mayweathers until Partner 1 returns
Partner 2 – Run to second half, 15 boxcutters, run back
Partner 1 – Floyd Mayweathers until Partner 2 returns
Mosey to brick dugout, grab some wall.

People’s chair with arm raises up to 100, stop for a 10 count (thank you Outback)

Recovery lap around the parking lots, mosey over to the main baseball field, plank up & wait for the 6 to roll in.  Hold a plank and lower to 6 in.  Mumblechatter suggested it felt more like one inch.  Don’t feel bad, brother.

Grab some concrete-scape for some low, slow dips (that’s DIPS, Kirby…DIPS)

Partner 1 – Low, Slow Dips
Partner 2 – Lap around the large baseball field (.36 miles…we did it twice, which Ickey Shuffle did not approve of)
Flapjack x2, Plank up when complete
Mosey to parking lot, PAX line up on end of parking lot side.

LBCs, Flutters, Dolleys x15 each set. Mosey back to launch point.


COT had your usual announcements, name-o-rama, including the naming of our three Pinevillian FNGs:

  • Welcome Brendan, who had heard of F3 and lives in YHC’s neighborhood.  Upon learning that Brendan was from the Bahamas, though he moved down w/his M from Jersey most recently.  Nevermind that…Banana Boat it is.  There is no finer suntan spray.  Strong work out there today, BB.
  • Meet Jose, Cheddar’s neighbor, who has 2 kids and 3 stepkids who thought he was a tough guy walking into his virgin F3 post, but admitted a certain lack of preparedness for what was waiting for him at TBH.  Not to worry Brother, we’ve all been there.  At the suggestion of naming him Brady Bunch, and not wanting to step on our Mr. Brady’s tiaaats (as Spackler would say), the PAX pivoted quickly and mumbled “Alice.”  Brady Bunch reference authenticated.  Welcome aboard, Alice.
  • Welcome Ed, a Syracuse Orangeman transplant who was tricked into posting at an F3 workout w/o any prior experience but was looking to get pushed anyhow.  Father of two, husband to one (that she knows of, anyway), and whose favorite movie is Patton.  Naturally this led to several military names being passed around the table for consumption until the PAX landed on Private Benjamin, an ode to an 80s Goldie Hawn movie where she joins The U.S. Army after being tricked into enlisting because, per Wikipedia, a military life will provide the “family” she seeks…also hearing that service is glamorous, comparing it to a spa day.  Welcome, Ed.  This morning was anything but a spa day.  Glad to have you reporting for duty, Pvt. Benjamin.


  • Welcome back #Kotters to Front Line (an actual vet and GoRuck alum) and One and Done (uber-marathoner, if not ultra), also neighbors of YHC who finally ran out of excuses once “the drive” was removed from the list.  Glad to have you back, boys.
  • Triple 7 never ceases to amaze me.  Tremendous Respect for pushing through.
  • Strong work by Big Papi in the gloom this am.  From the Slack chatter, it’s clear he’s an SOB himself.  And the F3 region too.  Thanks for the Partner up on the CDDs and Floyd Mayweathers, once I was able to locate you.
  • White Collar is putting the wheels on the bus!  I saw The Fight throughout the am….way to push through.  Same Tclaps go to Toolbag and Tag-a-long who I am seeing more frequently. Good push men.
  • Thin Mint – One of the toughest workouts I’d ever posted at was a Thin Mint special.  Hope we could return the favor out here, Brotha.
  • Slim Fast, Drano, Jello and Booyah making the commute from A51 territory into Pahnvylle.  Thank’ya kindly for stoppin’ by.
  • Mr. Bean gets the Form Critic’s Choice Award for calling out YHC on poor CDD and LBC form. He and Strawberry also get the Leave No Man Behind Award for keeping a close eye on the 6. Solid work.
  • Utah and Kirby – been a while in the gloom fellas.  Strong work out there.  Kirby – will be looking for you to make your work commute in future weeks as well.
  • Tramp Stamp has turned a corner.  He will be leading workouts before long…even ones in his own area code/state (he lives in University Area but loves the A51/SOBs)
  • General and Udder seemed to be a little closer to the ground during 6 in. planks.  No judgment here, boys.

Joe Davis Run, 1/7/2017– F3 is involved because our brother, Rock Thrill, lost his brother to addiction and this race was founded in order to raise awareness about the effects of addiction.  Read all about it at the link. Also, if/when you sign up…make sure you sign up for the 10K.  You call can do it.

F3 South Charlotte Christmas Party, 12/2/2016 – Sign up, or Mr. Bean loses his house on the $$ that he fronted to book the party.  As an FYI, Christmas party toy drive goes to benefit Operation Sweet Tooth – As most of you know F3 Olive’s daughter died suddenly about 6 months ago. He is from Isotope. Operation Sweet Tooth is a non-profit organization created to honor her memory by bringing joy to other kids. We are pushing a drive for donations of toys for Operation Sweet Tooth to benefit Alexander Youth Network. Specific details to follow regarding what to donate.

We’re looking for Qs at The Big House in February and March already.  Let Cheddar and I know and we’ll get you on the roster.

Thanks to Slim Fast for the close-out.  It was an honor to lead this morning.

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7 years ago

Good Q! Glad I was part of the first workout at this AO.

Dumpster Fire
Dumpster Fire
Reply to  Jello
7 years ago

Aye. Good to have you out there, Jello. Strong push all the way to the end.

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