F3 SOB Resource: SOB SAR (Search and Rescue)

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F3 SOB Resource: SOB SAR (Search and Rescue)

For some PAX the holiday season brings celebration with family and loved ones, while for others, the holidays just increase the stress, fear, and anxiety that is a by-product of a struggle that they are facing.

Therefore, I wanted to remind everyone that the F3 SOB Search and Rescue (“SAR”) program is available to help.

For those facing the battle, just a reminder that you are not alone and to encourage you to reach out for help.

For those not in a struggle, who are experiencing a peaceful season, be vigilant in your search.

As the SOB SAR Q I can be reached at (704) 621-2552, via email stevendecillis@gmail.com, or by private message on Slack or Twitter.

Supporting a PAX may be just listening, providing some advice, or connecting a PAX with another person who can help.

The goal of the SAR is to use whatever means necessary to deliver the aid to the PAX in trouble. Simply put, that is the goal of this program.

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