“The Murph” to honor our Vets

  • When:11/11/16
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“The Murph” to honor our Vets

YHC got an email from Gummy yesterday saying he needed a substitute Q as he apparently threw out his back. I happily abliged and put a plan together.

Being that it was Veterans Day I thought how more appropriate would it be than to do “the Murph”. I can’t recall this ever been done before at Joust so off we went.

Run to playground and circled up for 20 ssh, 20 iw, 20 Parker Peters, 20 Freddie mercuries, 20 merkins. Down to the track we went where we did a bit of a modified Murph. Ran .5 mile, 100 pull-ups, 200 merkins, 300 squats, run another .5 mile. We had about 7 min to kill so we ran to the parking lot where we did some sprints and Mary.

Circle up for COP.

Great turn out by some of joust’s faithful! It was a bit chilly when we started but by the time the Murph was explained, guys started shedding clothes. Not too much mumble chatter and nothing too funny or exciting to post. Just a great morning working out w some great guys honoring our great vets!

Announcements – Christmas party sign up, turkey bowl flag football on thanksgiving – sign up. Make sure you are at Joust 11/18 – BIG news coming!!!

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