Slow Merkins and Air Presses

  • When:11/10/16
  • QIC: Fireman Ed
  • The PAX: Tawny, Bambi, Sanka, Little Mike, Smokey, The Count, The Mouth, Booyah, Dangerfield (R), Man Bunn, Early Bird, Sensei, Slim Fast, Nomad (R), Sex Wax, Jail Break, Lois, Tweetsie, Betty, Gullah, Fireman Ed (Q)

Slow Merkins and Air Presses

21 pax made it out of bed for the first sub 40 degree workouts, proud of everyone who headed into the gloom.


Mosey to the parking lot in back to left of school

20 X SSH
20 X IW
15 X Low slow Squats
20 X MC
10 X Merkins

Mosey to Main Parking lot behind school

First round of exercise start with 5 merkins and 3 burpees run 200 yards back to lower parking lot and do 5 merkisn 3 burpees. Repeat until you have done a total of 6 sets.

Next round Partner up
Partner 1 runs to play ground and does 10 pullups or what they can (Mouth did 1) and partner 2 runs to basketball court and does 20 Carolina Dry Docks. Then meet in the middle for 5 hand slap merkins. Next each partner does the opposite. Repeat 2 twice

Mosey to field and circle up
Mary time
10 X dolleys
10 X dolleys/Flutter whatever ammo for pax
10 X bicycle

Now time for the main event everyone loves Mr. Jack Webb

1 merkin then 4 air presses nice and slow LOL, then 2 merkins and 8 sir presses up to 6 merkins 24 air presses. Mumble chatter at the beginning high mumble chatter at the end low

Mosey to the hill behind baseball field

A little ladder 5 squats at the top and 1 lunge at the bottom continue until 5 lunges at bottom and 1 squat at the top

Head over to the school for Peoples chair

3 rounds, round 1 normal, round 2 – 51 air presses, round 3 hands out in front

Mosey back to launch point

The end

The ole Mole skin:

Great job today pax or yesterday sorry a little slow with the back blast. I enjoyed the morning banter and hope everyone got a good workout in. Thank you Booyah and Sensei for the honor of letting me Q. Remember to practice your slow Merkins for the next Fireman Ed Q, happens to be Monday at Base Camp see you there.

Joe Davis Run
Christmas Party contact Mr. Bean
Fireman Ed Qs Base Camp Monday

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