Soggy Gloom – 65 degrees – are we sure its Nov 19th.

  • When:11/19/2015
  • QIC: Champagne
  • The PAX: Voodoo, Good Hands, Newt, Iron Sides, Backdraft

Soggy Gloom – 65 degrees – are we sure its Nov 19th.

6 MEN decided to tackle the beast known as Hyrda on this soggy, muggy morning.

All veteran crew so quick disclaimer provided and off we went.

Started with 5 – so YHC is having to start to think of an audible on the fly – mosey to field, but crazy soupy so move over to parking lot for quick COP.

All in cadence
SSH x 25 – in comes a tardy Voodoo to join us for the rest of the COP and round out our numbers to an even 6 – good YHC can stick with original plan.
IW x 20
Slow Squat x 15
Slow Merkins x 10

The Thang:

Divide into teams of 3 – super easy with only 6.

3 man grinders (soggy)

First Pax goes to top of baby track above play ground and does 10 x jump squats, 10 x burpees, 10 x strict form diamonds rinse and repeat until relieved.

Second Pax goes to concession stand and does 10 jump ups or step ups, 10 dips, and 10 derkins. rinse and repeat until relieved.

Third Pax starts at concession stand and runs back to first Pax with a stop in the playground for 10 pull-ups however they choose.

Third Pax relieves First Pax and does the exercises until relieved by team mate. First Pax runs back thru playground and does 10 pull-ups on the way back
to the concession stand area to relieve their team-mate.

Rinse and Repeat back and forth with 10 pull-ups with each trip thru the playground.

6:14 finish – time for 25 x flutter kicks in cadence.



Small crew today but solid work by all. Very little mumble chatter – every man too busy getting work done.
Simple workout but very effective and painful. Great work by everyone. YHC is smoked.

Thanks for the chance to lead Puddin Pop and Good Hands – great AO and group of guys that workout at Hydra. Will get back on the normal rotation.

If YHC missed anything shout out below.


Joe Davis Run – sigh Up – January 9th.

2016 Joe Davis Memorial Resolution Run Pre-Blast

Turkey Bowl: Thanksgiving Day at 7:30 am now being held at Matthews Sportsplex. Brown and Spackler are Qs.

Area 51 Christmas Party – 12/12:

4th Annual Area 51 Christmas Party-UPDATE

MIP Turkeys :

MIP-Stuff the truck Pre-blast…revenge of the giblets

but check because it looks like this was this past weekend.

Champagne Out.

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