Hurry Before The Rain Returns

  • When:11/19/16
  • QIC: Sensei
  • The PAX: Tawny, Insomniac, Short Circuit, Pele, Squid, Slim Fast, Sensei

Hurry Before The Rain Returns

Despite the forecast calling for heavy rains in and around the Peak, 7 brave men ventured out for some pain and games.  Once the disclaimer was given and we circled Insomniac’s car until he got out, it went down like this.

Mosey across the street to Stumptown Park stage
SSH x 20
5 Merkins OYO
IW x 20
5 Merkins OYO
Merkins x 10
5 Merkins OYO
LSS x 20
5 Merkins OYO

Mosey back across the street to the front of the school for circuit work

CDD, Dips, Step Ups x 5 each
CDD, Dips, Step Ups x 10 each
CDD, Dips, Step Ups x 15 each
CDD, Dips, Step Ups x 20 each
CDD, Dips, Step Ups x 15 each
CDD, Dips, Step Ups x 10 each
CDD, Dips, Step Ups x 5 each

Sticking with the ladder theme, we moseyed to the parking lot for Jacob’s Ladder

Run to one end and do 10 Merkins
Run to other end and do 10 Squats
Repeato decreasing Merkins & Squats by 1 until done

Mosey over to wall for PC
Rd 1 60 seconds of PC
Rd 2 – Arm raises to 50

Mosey back to parking lot for Mary
Flutter x 20-ish
Dolly x 20

Thanks to all for coming out this morning, despite the call for torrential rains.  We caught a break since it stopped raining about 5:00 and picked back up about 6:30, which was just enough time to get the workout in.  The backup plan was to find shelter and do the work there, but with the “dry” skies we were able to venture out from under the shelters.  Not a lot of mumble chatter this morning, which means everyone must have been working hard.

Thanks as always to SF for the prerun.  Thanks to Squid for the great prayer to take us out.
If I missed anything please chime in here.


1.  No Peak 51 next week. Turkey Bowl is still on and looking for players.
2.  Christmas party signups ongoing (12/12)
3.  Joe Davis signups still open as well (1/9/16)

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